Rubber Band Method

About Us

I am Rubber Band Method!

My name is Jason Bender, and I am a musician based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am currently writing music for my first demo CD. Be sure to check in often for updates and new music.


December 5th, 2007

So I finally got around to making a web site. I've been working my ass off to write some new music and hopefully put out a demo CD and distribute it around the Springs/Denver area.

I'm currently writing two new songs called "Silver Rain" and "Turquiose Necklace." No idea when I'm going to have those out.


Upcoming Gigs

Sorry, I'm currently not planning to do any shows. Right now I'm working hard to write enough music to do shows.

Booking The Band

I'm not going to be considering any shows until I finish writing this first CD and get it up and running, probably sometime in 2008. If you would like me to consider playing at your party/venue, please fill out the form in my contact page.


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