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'Intaglio Gallery' - Portrait of D.R.

The Intaglio (etching) gallery features both academic work (realist)along with more Avant Garde Surrealist genre's and subjects. All etchings are drawn, cut by the artist and printed from the zinc plate or the copper plate by the artist(IMP). Like Durer, the artist is trained in printmaking as well as other mediums. Using Aquatint and line/drypoint the plates are etched in consecutive acid baths and then printed using the appropriate ink colors. Each print is considered an original and sold as such. The intials IMP on the print designates that the artist printed the plate himself. All prints are signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. The print 'Portrait of D.R.' is a line etching immersed in consecutive baths and measures 6 by 8" and was etched in 1980 prior to the thefts of 1987, when over 200 seperate plates etched by the artist between 1970 and 1986 were stolen. The 'Portrait of D.R.' is one of the few surviving plates from that period of time. All prints in this gallery are also available in the original as well as in 'GicleePrint' form.

'The Remains of Yesterday' / Etching / 6 by 9" / 1997 IMP

All Limited Edition intaglio prints (etchings) are available in either the original (hand inked and hand printed form) by the artist (IMP) or as a reproductions in 'GicleePrints' form. The artist generally prints his own etchings (IMP) from the original zinc or copper plate and each print is considered an original work of art in that the artist does ALL the drawing and work on the plate and prints it himself. Intaglio (etchings) ARE NOT 'reproductions'.

               R.S. Beal      'The Remains of Yesterday'    Etching (Aquatint and Line Intaglio)

            Edition size: 50                          6 by 9"    1997            

         Price for the Original Work: $1325.00  Edition Size: 50

 This is a Limited Edition (IMP) print (printed by the artist on the Graphics Arts Press) and not a 'Giclee Print'. If purchased from this site the price is $325.00. The giclee Print price is $225.00 unframed. The print was drawn and cut on the zinc plate by the artist using drypoint, aquatint (timed baths) and traditional line etching. It is printed in a black/umber mixed by the artist and printed on Graphics HeavyWeight acid free paper. Edition size is limited to 50 prints. The first and last prints of any specific edition are generally 'doubled' in price if requesting such. Resolution on this image is weak. Background is fine aquatint and 'heads' are traditional line work. Contains some drypoint. Original work may be viewed. Request locations in the mid-USA or contact sales rep. for details.

GICLEE Print of 'The Remains of Yesterday - Fullsize: $225.00  6 by 9" Image Size (Actual sheet size is larger). Edition Size: 250

                          Prices subject to change Artist Retains ALL Reproduction Rights

'The Minotaur' Etching circa: 2000

 R.S.Beal  'The Minotaur'  Etching  8 by 10"  Circa: 2000

The Minotaur measures 8 by 10" and is a line, aquatint and drypoint work printed in black and dark burnt umber ink. The inspiration for this work is from Picasso's 'Minotauramachy' of 1938 and the original Greek/Roman Mytho of origin. Original Work printed on Graphics HeavyWeight signed and numbered: $1325.00 unframed.      NOTE: Prices subject to change. , e-mail purchase, Online purchase (paypal). Price fixed at time of purchase or deposit.

Each Intaglio comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and each print is considered a master print (IMP). The Giclee Print is considerably lower (reproduction) and is $125.00

Original Work-Etchng $1325.00 (8 by 10" Imagesize):  Allow at least a 2 inch border on all etchings for handling. Pricing DOES NOT include shipping charges calculated at time of purchase. Edition Size: 125 SecondState print/signed and numbered in pencil by artist.

Giclee Print of the etching (scanned from the original) $325.00  Edition Size: 500 signed/numbered. Giclee print repro's (SixColor Iris Spray inkjet prints) are an inexpensive means of a obtaining a perfect likeness of an original 'etching' without the higher costs and still signed by the Artist in limited editions on Archival paper.

'The Cherub' Etching 1998

 R.S.Beal   'The General' Intaglio(etching)   8 by 6"   1998

Sub-title: 'The Cherub' / SecondState Print / Edition Size: 120 / Price: $220.00 for the original print(s)(Also available as a Giclee Print at $127.00)  Original Print ETCHING $2220.00  Edition Size: 120

                                                                     Giclee Print of 'The General' $277.00  Edition Size: 200.   The digital image resolution of this print does not do the work justice. Aquatint (background) is very fine. Line work (on the face) appears rich and velvety like drypoint but fine in places. Very strong impression in 'Intense Black' ink with slight red tinge (red ink) in the eye. Printed on Art laid paper, which is a very brillant WHITE paper producing a strong image and 'Graphics Heavy-weight paper' has a slight cream tinge and produces a softer print. There is an optional 'notation' on the paypal button if buyer wish's to designate 'type of paper' used for printing.


THE MASK of GOD (Intaglio Print-Line and Aquating Etching, 2013)

 R.S. Beal 'The Mask of God' (Marionette) 2nd State

Limited Edition Etching    8 by 10" Image Size/Paper Size 14 by 16"   Line and Aquatint (Rosin) Intaglio Printed on 250gsm Fabriano Tiepolo

           - from the Paradise Lost Suite -     Third State Print (Adam and Michael) God Masks 2013

R.S. Beal "Lucifer, The Fallen Angel'  Etching (Line and Aquatint)

9 by 12"  2013

'Epicurus No. 1' Etching 1997

   R.S. Beal                   'Epicurus (No. 1)'          Aquatint and line etching             1997

All work is aquatint (timed baths) excluding the bust which is line work. $450.00.
Epicurus was, of course, an ancient philosopher' positing the 'lesser of two evils', now mis-construed as Hedonism. Epicurus was suggesting that all life is composed of pain or suffering or degrees there-of and that one should choice a path of least resistance or least suffering. The plate measures 5 by 7 inch's and is also available as a 'giclee print' for $95.00 unframed.    Original Work: Limited Edition Intaglio $450.00 

 'Cremation and Death'   Aquatint and Line Etching   9 by 6" 2017

- in memory of Jessica Faith Pickett, b.1984 d. 2017 -  Talented Model and Musician

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If you appreciate this Surrealist Art Visit Other R.S.Beal Sites: Robert S. Beal-SURREALISTE (Primary ENTRY site) and site extension R.S.Beal SURREALISM 2005

Additonal 'Etchings' can be viewed at: R.S.Beal SURREALISTE 'Printmaking' and Beal-Surrealism Intaglio.

R.S.Beal is a selected artist in the American Surrealist Initiative Jan. 2008 Saginaw Art Museum , Michigan (USA), North American selected artists

He was a participant in the International BraveDestiny Wah (Museum) show in Brooklyn, NY. Sept. 2003 (MusicSureal) and the 2008 Wah, John Milton 400th Anniversary 'Milton Birthday' scholars show archives and his work is in the Permanent Collection, Yuko Nii Foundation, N.Y.

His work is available in published Hardback 'CoffeeTable' fineart (2010 Collectors edition) Book, from www.Artbuzz.org inclusion, with 120 other artists. Jan. 2010

New Etchings (2010-2012)

R.S. Beal  'Cerberus' (The Guardian)  Etching

Line and Aquatint    11 by 7"   2011

 R.S. Beal  'Little Hiroshima' (From 'Songs of Maldoror') 

ETCHING Line and Aquatint   6 by 4"  2011


Paradise Lost Editions

 - Suite from Dr. Robert Wickenheiser's Collection - Milton Library Room -

University of Southern Carolina

R.S. Beal 'Adam and Eve'  Line Etch (1rst State/IMP PROOF/AP signed-dated in pencil)  2011

Homage to Fuseli - Collection: Dr. Robert Wickenheiser, Paradise Lost and the 'Wickenheiser, John Milton Library Room First EDITION Collection, University of Southern Carolina

R.S. Beal "Etching" SELF-PORTRAIT  (Line Etch/1rst State Print)  2010-2013



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