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    This is a short sample site (interconnected to other R.S. Beal sites), which represents the diversity of the Surrealist work of Robert S. Beal (1970-2005).  This site is also interconnected to Surrealism2005 and beal-SurrealismThe main 'Entry site' is R.S. Beal-SURREALISTE with a focus on Graphics and master oils. Robert has been a Surrealist for over 38 years.  His illustrations and Poetic's have been published in T.W. issue#4 (1994-95)UK, appearing on the cover and inside literary journals, including GYPSY and GYPSY ANTHOLOGISES (1993 - USA) and 'The Silence Within' Anthology, 2003. He resides in the Central USA and owns and operates his own Studio-Press/Gallery. Taught Intaglio under Jim Corlett (aquatints), his etchings have been compared to Rembrandt and Goya in felicity of execution. Robert briefly taught advanced 'Color Theory' and Perspective in early 1980.  He operates his own press (34 years), printing Limited Edition aquatints and line etchings both in one color and three color plates and is a selected artist scheduled to participate in the A.S.I.(American Surrealist Initiatve) show in 2008 at the Saginaw Arts Museum. He was a participant (MusicSureal) in the Wah's International Surrealist/Visionary BraveDestiny show in 2003, sponsored by the 'Society for the art of Imagination' and is a selected artist in Yuko Nii's and T. Lindall's Wah 'Paradise Lost' 400th Anniversay 'Miltion' show in Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 27, 2008. Other sites include R.S.Beal SURREALISM 2005 (text parody and newworks) and beal-Surrealism (Works2005). For a fuller preview of etchings (offsite) visit Intaglio gallery I and Beal-Surrealism. For a full preview of Graphics Mediums (both master and otherwise) visit: Site 4, R.S. Beal Surre'aliste (Graphics I and Graphics II) or masterworks ( graphics - 'Confrontation' and 'The Misanthrope'). R.S. Beal Surre'aliste features an 'overview' SlideShow of the various works on all four sites and is the primary site.

Awards include TAC honorary Centennial 100th (1997-etching-juried-'The Remains of Yesterday' and TAC Nude Oil (1996-honorary mention-'Oneirical Asparagus') and his original site (now defunct) won the National Grand prize (trellix-fortunecity) in May 2000 for design, content and originality. Minor awards include first place (drawing - TJC - 1998) and honorary mention. Australian online accepted entry AU Arts Dept., 2000 ('The Labyrinthe'-Oil-Biomorphics in Oil). Sales Reps include R.J.Dixon. Full Cd previews are available upon request for serious collectors.  All works on this and other sites are available as full color Giclee prints in limited editions (or open editions), signed (SixColor Inkjet iris archival ARCHES 140lb hotpress white). If a work is not priced please request.

  Represented in the International Visionary/Surrealist Williamsburg Art and Historical (Wah) MUSEUM BraveDestiny Sept. 2003, NY show (MusicSureal).

In 1990, in the successful R.Fields Gallery one-man show, the public was allowed for the first time in 20 years to preview a small selection of works.  Robert is considered Internationally both Master Painter/Etcher and Master Surrealist. Robert is one of the handfull of few selected artists to be represented in the A.S.I. (American Surrealist Initiative) scheduled for 2008 at the Saginaw Arts Museum, Michigan (selections made by Curator/Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the Saginaw, formerly assis. curation for the Museum of Modern Art, San Fransico). One-Man show: R.Fields.Gallery 1990, Tsunami, May, 2005 (One-Man show), Two-man: RogersState, 1975 (Michael Morris and Robert Beal), etc..

2005, Dec., Frontispeice (Paradise Lost) and TextArticle, Urban Tulsa Weekly, Gretchen Collins (Delving into the Sureal).

INTERNATIONAL Surrealist Exhibits Online2006: R.S. Beal is a featured artist at the excellent SurrealismNOW (World wide Surrealist artists of the 21 Century and beyond) and a selected artist in the International 2006 LIVE Surrealism online Exhibit at SurrealismNOW, Summer 2006. 

International Exhibit: Selected artist, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y., '400th anniversary of the 'Birth of Milton' - 'Paradise Lost'. Three selected works. Sept. 27, 2008. 60 artists represented. See show schedule for specific performances.

Permanent collection: Yuko Nii foundation, John Milton Archives, N.Y., Williamsburg Art and Historical Center Museum (Paintings and Drawings).

2010, Sascha Beselt (Musician, DeathMetal, Gothic, Jazz) CD cover - Oil painting 'Death Judging or Draped Death'. Germany

2010, Hardback Publication (FineArt-Coffee Table Artbook), ArtBuzz (www.artbuzz.org), ArtBuzz, The 2010 Collection, 'The Surrealist Work of R.S. Beal' and many other artists. Editors, Alan Rowe, Director; Toney Blue.

   In 1988 the artists ENTIRE 17 year Oeuvre of Oils and over 200 Etched Zinc Plate Masters were STOLEN.   Full Reward for the recovery of Stolen Art.NOTE: MusicSureal *may require media player  *FluteSureal (auto-play digitally altered electric flute)

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R.S. Beal    'Untitled'   Oil  1991

R.S.Beal's work is often based on the original tenets of Andre Breton (1896-1966), Surrealist Manifesto inaugurated late in 1924 by the critic and poet Andre Breton and is an appeal for the emancipation of the imaginative life from the arbitrary limitations imposed upon it by reason, local newspaper's, arbitrary moralities and the social order. - from Dadism and Surrealism / Pelican History of Art

Surrealism and Infinite Divisibilities

This site currently consists of 7 pages. Search R.S.Beal Surrealism for more extensive listings and larger sites that feature a fuller array of work. Graphics (pencil / charcoal / pastels) are located offsite at R.S.Beal TimeClocks (Graphic Works on Paper). If your interested in a specific price or purchasing a Giclee Print of an orginal work contact Sales Rep or The Artist unless a purchase order button is available for that specific work. Surrealism proper is based in the belief of a superior reality of certain forms of association neglected heretofore, in the omnipotence (was steckf dahinter) of the dream, in the disinterested play of thought. It tends to destroy definitively all other psychic mechanisms and to substitute itself for them in the solution of the principle problems of life - the dictation of 'thought' outside of or in the absence of any control exercised by reason including those outside of any preoccupations or concerns with aesthetic or moral obligations. I.e., pure psychic automatism by which the real process of thought is expressed. Breton later amended this to include 'some' aesthetic preoccupation. Surrealism could be considered largely a reaction to Dadaism and to the disdain that the first generation of Surrealists painters/poets felt towards society and a culture excessively occupied (obsessed) with war (World War I) and massive forms of destruction 1917-24). Little did they know that a larger war was already in the making. They not only felt that art had distanced itself from its true form/purpose by a culture too preoccupied with aesthetics but that the psuedo-intellectual elitist had denigrated art to the false standards of contrived moral originality. Surrealism is more a 'sense' of things (Deutung), to point to something (it's sense of it) - Freud, and allows an image to emerge and develop autonomously (of its own volition) as opposed to the use of any willful or excessive conscious dictation directed by some prior aesthetic or external moral value. Freud refers to 'deuten', as to point to something or its sense of it (Deutung). 'Was steckt dahinter' as if to get to the 'bottom of a dream' - what is behind it. The Dadaist spirit was more of a protest where-in audible words and visible forms express a total rejection of everything false and hypocritical which could be held responsible for the 'incredible brutalization' of common judgments - Jung. The consequence of Surrealism is more of a negative affirmation (an oxymoron) of a supra-reality - to negate a negation. The aucourant (current-fashionable) use of it is as 'something happening as if in a dream'. There are many contemporary surrealists that will portend to describe surrealism as if it,s a thing or a tenet. I do not consider that very surrealist. 

R.S.Beal  'The Petit Bourgeoise hiding the DUST'  Oil  30 by 36"  1995

Andre Breton and grilled bacon

R.S.Beal  'FatMan with Grilled Bacon and Hats'  Oil  30 by 24"  1997

'A beer can floats to the left, balancing spools and tops on the right with grilled bacon and an eggshell in the middle. Logic and irrationality. Andre Breton - d.1966 (progenitor and spokesman for Surrealism) felt that contradictory polarities such as life and death, dream and waking, imagination and reality tended to unite on unseen planes in reconciliatory states and that dreamstates fused subtlely into reality creating a dialectically third new state of consciousness.

The 'Vedas' describe satori or awakening (thuscome - this is that) as a recognition that dualities arise simultaneously and that life is death or rather true reality does not consist of opposing polarities but rather that which lies inbetween the two.

'A tomato is also a childs balloon' - A.Breton

(Neither simile or metaphor, surrealism is not (a) literary art in the sense of allegorical or even symbolical examples. While it may tell a story in a sense it is not particularly story telling in the linear sense.)

Chat room - for discussions or/and collectors

Chat room for discussions about art in general, techniques, surrealism and surrealist concepts. No time schedule. 

Graphics - works on paper, etc.

R.S.Beal  'Picasso as a young Man'  Pencil/charcoal   25 by 17"  circa: 2003-04


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R.S.Beal  'RIEN' (Alice Series)  MixedMedium/pencil/charcoal/pastel/acrylic  2001

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Visit: Other (Master) Graphics at beal-surrealism at the Masters Link ('The Misanthrope' and 'Confrontation' - Master Graphics)

Graphics I and Graphics II at: R.S. Beal SURRE'ALISTE (Classical Surrealist Works on Paper - focus on Graphics)

R.S. Beal  'Drapery study for Death Judging'   23 by 18"  2006

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