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Gallery Oils 2007

Infinite Divisibility 1983 Oil

Surrealism proper ranges from DALI'S 'paranoic critical methodology, Bretons 'automatic writing' and the various games of 'the exquisite corpse', with it's components of concrete irrationality utilized to 'materilize images' of the upmost imaginative intricacies and frenzied obsessions. It includes Tanguy's fossizlied frozen internal mindscapes and Duchamps (and the Dadaists) disgust at culture and art in general. Surrealism currency abounds in examples of the most bizarre and complex, yet recognizable images of the collective unconscious.

R.S.Beal  'Infinite Indivisibility'  Oil  30 by 30"  1995 (available as a giclee Print six color iris)

Compare to Yves Tanguy 'Indefinite Divisibility' Oil  1942 - The two paintings while being quite similar are indeed very distinct and different. This is an offsite link to the original work by Tanguy.

View Tanguy's work 'The Sun in it's Jewel Case'  (1937), at the Guggenheim.

   This R.S. Beal SURREALISM Oils and Etchings Site is an authorized purchase site for online verified paypal secure purchase. Prices on this site effective until June 27, 2012. All prices subject to change. Thank you.

The juxtapositons of the Macabre

 R.S. Beal 'Infinite Divisibility' (Yves Tanguy) Oil 1995


R.S. Beal 'The Fallen' (Lucifer, the Fallen)  PENCIL study

18 by 24"  2013

R.S. Beal  'The Final Burn' - the CockRoach King   OIL     40 by 28"   2012

sub-title:  'Lucifers Domain and the seperation of Adam and Eve'

The First oil of the New Year 2013



R.S. Beal 'The Fools Cap III (The Old Sailor)  Oil  30 by 24"  2011


 'Mount Rushmore'  2011  OIL

                                     R.S. Beal  "Mount Rushmore, The Dissipation of Freedom"  (TinkerTOYS and Clocks)   Oil   34 by 36" approx.


Robert S. Beal  'TOTEM II'  Oil  16 by 13"  2004

R.S. Beal    'The Average Fine and Invisible Harp'    Oil     1994

 'R.S. Beal 'RAGE' "Aristotle Contemplating Death" 

OIL      41 by 27"    2009-2011

'Mannequin with Nun' Oil on Canvas 16 by 20" 2004. While this site features the 'Biomorphics' of R.S.Beal, Surrealism often encompasses the incongruous grotesques originally acknowledged by BOSCH, BREUGHEL and GRUNEWALD and the early and late Renaissance Masters of the macabre and oneirical. Modern art movements can often be initially disconcerting to the viewer unaccustomed to the unfamiliar and often biased by the prejudice's and taste's of any particular culture's social conventions. All works on this site are for sale (unless otherwise designated) and purchases are either thru The artist or his Sales agent). This Site DOES NOT endorse paypal purchasing.

  This Months feature painting is 'Mannequin with Nun' 16 by 20" Oil on Canvas 2004 (a relatively small, albeit minor master painting completed by the artist at the end of 2004). Mannequins' is a continuing series of Oils of Mannequins including the large 'Manikens at the Jokeshop' completed in and located at the R.S.Beal SURREALISM 2005 Site.

Priced at: $2425.00 Original Work  

      Prices subject to change: R.S.Beal is one of the selected artists to be represented in the 2008 A.S.I. (American Surrealist Initiative) Saginaw Arts Museum Veristic Surrealism, Michigan. He was National First Place Trellix-fortunecity site winner for content, design and originality in May, 2000 and a participated entry in the International (Wah) Williamsburg Art and Historical Center BraveDestiny Surrealist-Visionary Brooklyn, N.Y. exhibit in Sept. 2003. 

   'Mannequin with Nun' Oil 16 by 20" 2004 is also available as  GICLEE (Iris Inkjet) Six-Color Prints in Limited Edition. $225.00 as a Giclee Print Signed/Numbered (plus shipping/packaging)  Edition size is 900 signed/numbered in PENCIL by the artist. Printed on Archival 'acid free' ARCHES Museum Quality Paper 140lb heavyweight Water Mark Arches with a full 2 to 4 inch deckled border(s) for matting and framing. Each print is sprayed for IV and Moisture Protection and can be expected to last as long as the original painting in oil (archival, museum prints). Certificate of Authenticity with each print. . Shipped FedEx. Insured.


           R.S. Beal 'Torso' 20 by 16" Oil 2004                                    R.S. Beal  'Female Maniken with Bone and Windy Glass'  OIL  16 by 20"



R.S. Beal  'Three Men on a Stage' (Bannana Jesus) OIL  6 by 10 feet

1982-2012 (Detail)  - a large opus painting begun in 1982 -

Visit Primary site: www.beal-surrealiste.com

The Dadaist imagination

The Helicoid Center - Dadaism - Surrealism and THE SUREAL

 © Full View

R.S. Beal  'The Inventions of Culture'  Oil (DETAIL)  38 by 48" 2007

While Dadaism was not the first modern movement to introduce 'Manikens', Store dummies and Dress models into art, as a legitmate form, it was they and Giorgio Chirico who took it to a new, heightened level of metaphysics and philosophy in modern art. His presumptive, composite heirlooms were a signal and harbinger for Paul Delvaux and the likes of the First Generation Surrealists. Even Vermeer utilized Dress Manikens in his exquisite Helios Depictions of trompe oil seen thru 17th Century 'sunlit' Windows of imagination. The contemporary artists, utilizing The Artists Wooden Model, store manniquins and composites, as he does, depicts scenes from beyound even 'subconscious' imagination and sublimated dreams. It was 'Surrealism' that opened the Door To this Oneirical and heliclined subconscious that gradually ascends both upwards and downwards in a simultaneity of equivalant coincidence beyond even mans 'rational' perceptions and his absurd willful desire to CONTROL the cosmos and its intermediatory, extraordinarily unique environment.


R.S. Beal 'Homage to Max Ernst'  Conte /Pastel   1995                                       R.S. Beal 'After Velazquez HEAD of Christ'  Pastel  2015

Robert S. Beal  "Double Portrait of Hausner and Me'  Killing PUNKS   2015

19 by 25"  Pastel on Canson Pastel paper

R.S. Beal 'Self Portrait'  Pastel  2015

CoprightRSBeal  allRIGHTSreserved

R.S. Beal   'Dali's HAND'   20 by 16"  Oil

A fur-lined 'teacup', a flying saucer in the shape of a spoon, a mesmerized and irrelevant flat-iron in the shape of a female breast . . . these are all components for the often sardonic and the ludicrously deceptive worlds of Surrealist imagination. Not a substitute for the managed labels of rationality and the well ordered universes of science, politics and mathematics, the Surrealist iconography yet encompasse's both worlds of order and chaos and recombines them into a new dialectic of mystery and imagination.

                      R.S. Beal      'THE LABYRINTHE'         OIL  (44 by 58")         2000-02

The Freudianized belief in a noble civilization is somewhat absurd considering the equivalence and ambivalence of the current term and the amount of the current gold standard.

       Ready-mades, anti-art and psycho-photographical phenomenal incursions into seemingly perfectible 'human faculties' are ludicrous in the light of real day and the so-called 'expert' art-critics.

       The 'World-at-Large' is neither specific nor definite and is certainly not based on squalid geometrical parallels of prejudice and jaundice.   R.s.BEAL (2004)

       'Any pictorial or plastic work(s) is USELESS; unless it (the) least be a MONSTER capable of terrifying the lackey-spirited, and NOT the honeyed food-bar decorations dear to those animals dressed up as men; let them not be illustrations of the squalid fable of humanity' - TZARA (1918)

        R.S.Beal  'The Small Fuehrer'  Oil  40 by 40" (approx.)  1990-91  

Original Work: $4000.00 US (shipping paid) Unframed 

Note: (See also 'The Jesuit Bone Communion' for the Fourth and Final Version of 'The Small Fuehrer): A series of Four works in oil from 'The Infinite Observator' series. Please use your browser back button.


R.S. Beal 'Contradictory Mirrors' (Grasping Mirrors) Oil (Detail) 2011-2012

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THE Graphic Work of R.S. Beal  SURREALIST

 THE LIAR  Pencil  1986

R.S.Beal  'Eve Contemplating'  Pencil  2013



Robert S. Beal  'Portrait of John Milton' (Youthful Version)  and  "Portrait of Milton" in Old Age (Faithhorne Version#3)

PENCIL  24 by 18"  2012    and   PENCIL/Charcoal   24 by 18"  2012

R.S. Beal   'Portrait of John Milton, the Poet of Paradise Lost  PENCIL, Charcoal  2012

an Imaginary Composit Portrait of Milton taken from various sources

- Collection: Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser and the Dr. Wickenheiser Milton Collection Library Room, University of South Carolina -

R.S. Beal  'Portrait of an Angry Female"  Mixed Media (Pastel/Charcoal/Acrylic/Ink  2004


                                                                                                                                              R.S. Beal 'Study of a Model' Pastel

26 by 19"  2012 - 2015  (pastels on Canson)

R.S. Beal

  'Portrait of Female with Blue hood'    Pastel  2015


R.S. Beal  'Young Girl Sleeping'  Pencil  2012 (STUDY  'Study for 'Eve Fullfilled'

 Oil in Process

R.S. Beal  'Eve Fullfilled'  (Eve After the Fall)  OIL  49 by 30"   2013



R.S. Beal        'Portrait of Jessic Faith'     Pencil  2012

24 by 18"   

Study of Madness and sickness

- She walks alone on the World streets, where no summer breeze blows in the

the spring wind - suspicous of even a friend . . .


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Giclee Prints versus Intaglio prints

  • Giclee Prints Signed/Numbered

All works on All 4 R.S.Beal Surrealist-Still life Sites are available as Six-Color Iris Inkjet 'GicleePrints' in limited and/or Open Editions (where designated) signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. Giclee Prints are an affordable substitute for purchasing signed limited edition works in reproductive form. Printed by a master printer from the original artwork on Arches Archival 'acid free' heavy weight 140lb white 'hotpress' paper for higher color retention these prints also have a deckled border and water mark on prints 16 by 20" or over. Price's range depending on edition size and overall size of original work and actual size of the print itself. A typical 16 by 20" painting reproduced as a full size Giclee, signed and numbered print might run from $275.00 to $1725.00 and sometimes less. Certificate of Authenticity. R.S.Beal 'Balloons' (The English Way')Oil - 1998 -20 by 16" available as a Giclee Print (full size-20 by 16") would be about $135.00 and have a full 3 to 4 inch deckled white border for artist signing and numbering and customer matting and framing. Average edition size will vary but usually about 300 -500 and sometimes up to 900 signed prints. See: 'Limited Edition Prints'. Currently ONLY direct E-mail purchasing or Gallery purchasing is available along with secure online 'paypal' purchasing options.. 30% Deposit required (when direct e-mail purchasing) prior to actual printing unless in stock. ALL Etchings are in stock and most 'Giclee Prints' are in stock when so designated. Shipping costs vary and can be easily accessed by viewing the paypal link 'buy now' button. A print costing $125.00 has a $12.50 shipping/packaging charge. Physical Gallery (Brick and Mortar) locations are listed below. Sales Rep Contact.

 Aquatint and Line Etchings 1970 - 2011


                    'Schema' Aquatint and Line  2011      'Rembraun Vasarily'  2010            'Female in a Tree'    Line Etching  2011

The artist is a 'master' printmaker on both metal and stone and uses both zinc (soft-metal) and copper for etching. Etchings are 'hand-printed' (IMP) by the artist on a large professional 'Conrad' combination press and 'Giclee Prints' are scanned ALWAYS from the original work and printed by D. Douglas (master printer) 'In GRAPHIC Detail' in Six-Color process or rather ink-jet spray on Heavy-weight acid free Archival paper and with proper care and protection should last as long as any Oil on Canvas work.

  • Intalgio Prints signed/numbered (ETCHINGS)
  • Intaglio Prints are NOT 'Reproductive Giclee Prints' but rather Original works of Art as each print (IMP-printed by the Artist) varies from print to print due to the individual 'hand inking' of the original copper or zinc plate and ALL work is done (drawn-etched) by the artist on the plate. The Artist uses all intaglio methods of Aquatint (powdered rosin), traditional line etching and drypoint sometimes with softground. Most intaglio prints are typically small plates printed on Art Laid White archival or Graphics Heavy Weight or Rives Etching paper. Ink color varies from umber-black to rich 'intense black' to full color plates and depends solely on the individual etching. The artist is a Master Printmaker and has etched over 34 years. Etchings are a good investment if you want smaller works in original form. Typical etchers are, of course, Durer, Rembrandt, James Ensor, Whistler, Degas, etc.. Etchings vary in price depending on size of plate, etc.. - typically ranging from $125. and UP.

          R.S.Beal 'The Minotaur' (Aquatint and Line Etching/Second State) 8 by 10" dated/signed in pencil 2000 on Graphics Heavy Weight printed (IMP) in rich Umber-Black. Typically priced at about $325. No deposit required but must be paid in full or C.O.D. Can be purchased directly from Gallery or Artist E-mail. A 'Giclee Print' (reproductive print) of the Etching would be about $125.00. Both prints are identical excepting one is the 'Original' printed on etching paper and one is a GicleePrint 'reproduction' of the original. For additional reading refer to: Lee Catterall's book on 'The Great Dali Art Fraud' concerning the distinction between 'reproductive' images and Original works of art. Many Galleries will sell unsuspecting customers fraudulent 'reproduction's' and call them 'Original Works'. Often the art is NOT even by the artist. This Site is an Authorized R.S.Beal site run by the Artist.   See: Intaglio Prints and Etchings

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New Work 2009-2012


R.S.Beal   'Pride and Vanity' (Vestments and Fetish's')  OIL 

30 by 24"   2010

R.S. Beal  'The Necromancer' (Prejudice and Pride)  OIL (Detail)

36 by 24"  2009

R.S.Beal  "White Silence" (Permutations and Perspectives) 

Oil   24 by 36"  2010


Robert S. Beal  'Infinite Divisibility'  OIL   35 by 26"   1995


R.S. Beal  'The Meaured Arch'  Oil  24 by 30"  circa: 1997


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©      R.S. Beal 'Crucifiction' Oil 2005         

     'Jessica' Pastel Sketch 2013

R.S. Beal  "Portraits of Jessica"  PASTEL   26 by 19"   2013



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