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in my absense

obviosly i have not been playing RS in a while, in my absense everyone has equal control over the clan. Our form of "government" will be sort of like the high trusted high rankers, but due to lack of events, everyone is on the "Temp council" feel free to host events, but remember that everyone must be treated equal and may Guthix be with you

-Rpg Gamer1

please check "next event" regularly

use the forums to tell of your attendance, and to check when the next event is. remember - attendance effects your rank


THIS IS A RUNESCAPE CLAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*i am not responsible for the adverts on my site, for i can not control that (free webs does)

Welcome to the home of the RPG's. I the leeder of this clan (of Runescape, chill people) RPG Gamer1 am the make of this site. I am f2p, and I am looking for more ways to get a clan started. My clan will do plenty of things and do it all as one. This is a f2p clan, however members, feel free to join.

I will attempt to update this site as much as possible, so about once a week is a good estamation on updates to come

under this paragraph will begin the tales and all that good stuff of my newly formed clan. an example would be clan goals.

The first Ranger pk trip

Though unprepared The Rangers set off on a distress call from Rangerown44.  Most of the clan died off pretty quick. However Rpg Gamer2 and Rangerown44 did manage to pk 2 str pures and almost a mage pure (that was twice our size) unfortunatly a pair of range pures snuck up and killed Rpg Gamer2. The Lone Survivor - Rangerown44

Gamer2's big adventure

Just out of bordom i decided to go hang out in the deep wild. Just for a good laugh. So i brought a training bow and 25 arrows (bad bow, i know). As i wondered, i picked up a few items that spawn in the wild (such as chaos runes). Then i ran to lvl 48 wild just to see if i could. Well...i made it, and i usually do. Then i thought it would be fun to test my skill by attacking a greater demon.(those things are really good lookin' now.) I am proud to say that i almost killed it single handedly. This inspired me. I was so close to killing a greater with my range pure... but next time, im brining the clan along...your dead meat Greater!

Gamer10's first step

It's the first time stepping into the wild with rpg gamer10. I had 35 wind blasts ready to own any unsuspecting pure. Soon enough i had done it, through great personal sacrifice. it took all my deaths (all 35) and about 15 lobsters but i did manage to kill him. Nothing good was dropped from his death tho  o well. better luck next time. hopefully my clan will be ready by then.

Birth of Buisness

In finding my long lost look alike (its a long story ending in that i don't even know the other guy) I have opened up the Rpg Fishing Co. 

Let the money start rolling in!

confusion, conspiracy, and 1 inept leader


well word has it that epidemic5555 has politicaly taken over the knights of osfar. how that happened i don't honestly care. the point is that the war is now ff and resolved [but it still counts as a win ]  instead of the war we will be pking on march 10.

last minute pking trip

since the war was cancelled, i desided to host a pking trip in its place. [after all u can't promise revenge and then say "uop its cancelled"] well anyway the pking trip consisted only of myself and xx matt xx 1. not at all as planned. any way we killed 1 person, and then ran into a small clan and had to retreat. not very sucsessful, but fun none-the-less. i hope more ppl show up next time!

easter madness

as per TET [ events team] i attended the easter madness trip. i didn't win anything but the aftermath pking trip was fun. i brought an old friend of mine, knight 1022, and we each killed quite the amount of snowball fiters. eventually we realized that we weren't the only ppl who desided to pk instead of snowball. we ran into tons of people [all the same] in two pking trips ending that i hd to run for my life. theres more story behind all this, but its all pretty unnesseary. the over view is: i would have killed a lvl 86, if it hadn't been for a lvl 80 who desided to tag with him. i also almost killed a lvl 82, but he had 82 str, and it was right after i killed a lvl 77 mage [not a snowballer]. needless to say it was a very close match, but the mage had weakened me enough that i needed to tele.

all in all...easter madness was mad fun

check out other TET events @

copyrgihts and corporate blah blah blah

yea yea i have copy righted songs on (_) pages of the site? if anyone who has authority has a problem with it - e mail me, if you truly are authoritive you know my e mail address, if it truly is a problem ill take the songs off


songs: kyur 4 thch, pictures, krwlng, bruises, old school hollywood, no more sorrows

Artists: linkin park, system of a down, skindred


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