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Comin Oot in the Wash


Rowena's latest poetry collection is of Scots poems (complete with English glossary).


32pp, card bound pamphlet

ISBN 978-0-9547084-7-4

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Latest review of Comin Oot in the Wash, by Raymond Vettese as published by Lallans: " This wee buik is a guid fiver’s warth, Rowena Love screives in guid, consistent Scots. Mony o the poems leuk back til her bairnheid; some ir kinna fey, ettlin tae grup mindins o bygane days afore they flichter awa. ...No aa the poems inbye ir dowie an wistfu lik the anes I’ve quotit frae, but aa ir weel wirth readin an enjyin. The buik itsel, frae Makar Press, is a plaisure tae scance throu, braw cream paper, guid clair bleck prent an aa weel set oot."

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