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    Hello there, and welcome to my ROV website. This website is devoted to helping people build their first ROV. I DO NOT sell ROV's, I only give suggestions and advice on how to build ROV's and where to get the parts from. If after looking at this site you still need help please feel free to shoot me an email.

How I got started: I started building my first ROV in the fall of 2007, because I needed it for a project in my science class.

What's on this website: On this website you will find a history and background information about ROV's, construction techniques, helpful how to's and FAQ's, useful links to other sites, and possible ROV support items.

Progress: After 2 years of my ROV the loft of my garage I have finally started to work on it again. Pictures up soon.

 Last Updated: 11-24-09

SITE NEWS - If you have an ROV site email me the link and I'll post it on my links page.

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