Kirill Rossiianov

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Senior Research Associate,

Institute of the History of Natural Sciences and Technology,

Russian Academy of Sciences 

1/5 Staropansky per., Moscow 103012 Russia

E-mail: Fax: (7495) 925 9911



Research interests:

Social and cultural history of Soviet and Russian science;

History of genetics, anthropology, and primatology in the twentieth century;

History of animal experimentation and animal ethics.


Academic degrees:

1983 - M.S., summa cum laude. Moscow State University, Biology Department.

1988 - Ph.D. in history of science. Institute of the History of Natural Sciences and Technology, USSR Academy of Sciences.


Selected publications:

  • Les liaisons dangereuses: I.I.Ivanov and experiments on cross-breeding humans with apes (in Russian), Voprosy istorii estestvoznania i tekhniki, [Inquiries in the history of science and technology], 2006, no.1, pp. 3-51  
  • Beyond Species: Ilya Ivanov and His Experiments on Cross-Breeding Humans with Anthropoid Apes, Science in Context, 2002, vol.15 , pp. 277-316
  • The price of progress and the values of science (Essay review, in Russian), Voprosy istorii estestvoznania i tekhniki, 2000, no. 1, pp. 178-186
  • Experimental Stations and the Emergence of the Soviet Genetics Community, 1917-1925, Journal of the Swedish Seed Association, 1997, vol. 107, pp.213-220
  • Biology under Lysenko and Stalin, Science, 1994, vol. 266, pp.1085-1086
  • Reshaping Political Discourse in Soviet Science: Stalin as Lysenko's Editor, Russian History, 1994, vol. 21, pp. 49-63,  Configurations, 1993, vol. 1, pp. 439-456
  • Editing Nature: Joseph Stalin and the "New" Soviet Biology", ISIS, 1993, vol.84, pp.728-745.

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