How to swear in Norwegian

Wanna learn how to swear in Norwegian? Then you are at the right place!


Before you learn to swear you should know the meaning of these curse words and how to use them right.

The first thing you should know is that you cannot directly translate the Norwegian curse words into English. Why? Let's take the most used curse word "Faen" as an example: 

Norwegians use Faen the same way they use the word Fuck in English, but also when they use Shit or Damn. Also: Jævla can be used. Confused? It is simply because Faen doesn't mean Fuck/to fuck.

So what does Faen mean?!

Faen is a short version of the word Fanden. Fanden means The Devil. So Faen is a name of an ugly, evil creature (The devil or Satan).

In the English language they normally use curse words who has somthing with a persons organs and body to do. Like Shit, Fuck, Dick and Ass. But in Norwegian the curse words are bible abusing: Faen, Helvete, Herre Gud, Jævel, Pokker and Satan (The Devil, Hell, Lord God, Devil, Name of a Demon, Satan).

Of course we also have curse words like Dritt, Mann skitt, Rasshøl, Fitte and Pikk (Shit, Man shit, Ass hole, Posse and Dick), but they're more common if you want to say somting really bad about another person. 

If you're angry or want to make a bigger pressure on your meanings Faen, Jævla and Helvete is the most common.

Now you should understand that you cannot directly translate the Norwegian curse words into English because it wont be the same meaning. So let us translate the meaning of these words the right way:

Faen = Fuck, Shit, Damn, Satan

Hva faen = What the fuck

Faen ta deg = Fuck you

Svarte faen = Fucking shit

Faen i Helvete = Fucking Hell

Jævla rasshøl = Fucking asshole

Faens/Jævla dritt = Fucking shit


How to pronounce the word Faen?

It's pretty easy: Fa-ENN. If you're still unsure if you pronounce it right simply watch this.


Faen has it's own national day: June 11. So that day you can wish all your friends a very happy Faen's day!

Now I hope you can understand and know how to swear in Norwegian. I made this Faen-Tutorial because I have noticed that when somone from the outer world wanna learn my language, swearing is the first thing they want to learn. And I'm tired of see them say "Tell them to Faen" (correctly: Be dem drite å dra/dra til helvete) or "Mother Faener" (correctly: Mora puler). If we ever have to directly translate Fuck the correct words to use are: Knulle, pule, voldta (raping). 

Skampulte vortesvin = Shame raped wart hog

The grammar might be a problem though - as Norwegian has one of the most difficult and complicated grammar in the world after German grammar. Good luck. Hope this was helpful and sist men ikke minst: USEFUL!


For svarte faen.