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Welcome to my website.

Firstly, I'm the author of a series of Australian, family friendly Christian fictional stories under the title of my main character, a young man named 'Dale'. 

Each book in my novel series deals with different issues and topics that affect us all from time to time.   It covers many areas of human survival, lifestyles and communication.

Who is Dale?

Dale is a young man with influence.  

His story begins as a young boy in

                             'Dale. A Love Story.'

In the winter of 1965 in Melbourne, Australia, six-year- old Dale is left abandoned on the doorstep of a middle class Christian family.  They adopt him to soon discover he was more than they bargained for. 

As he gets older, he constantly struggles with his mysterious identity and bizarre past, while bearing an uncanny but beautiful character. 

At the age of thirteen he meets a beautiful teenage girl and befriends her until he learns of her truth.    What is he afraid of? 


Dale's own story is brought out more intensely when he adopts another young boy named Lindsay who bears a similar past to his own in Dale. Image of Innocence. 

This young ten year old finds himself battling to understand the world around him, with so many social expectations and enormous pressures, but Dale gets him through this ordeal with God's grace delivering it's promise. 


In this story, Dale, while still coping with his own past and Lindsay's past, he warms to Margot, a young single mother suffering with HIV-AIDS in 'Dale. AIDS Child'.  But he, also, comes to experience the harshness of innuendo and gossip from some of the town's people.  

An incredible secret war story is linked to a national treason brought out in Dale. Forbearing Secrets while, at the same time, he learns more about his deceptive ancestors and their lives and illegal trade dealings.  



This is a story about spiritual warfare, dark verses light, God verses Satan, sin verses righteousness. 

Being influenced by her grandmother's occupation during the Great Depression, Olivia becomes obessesed with chasing persons in the afterlife, while risking her health, her job and future for something far out of this world.


This is a teenage love story where two musically gifted fourteen year olds carry an uncertainty in their relationship, yet, at the same time, a confidence in trusting God with their friendship.  Lindsay struggles to learn and understand about romantic love while still bearing the scars of his early childhood.

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These books are an easy to understand and a slow paced account of the Apostle John's vision of the future world given to him on the Island of Patmos by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have based it on
'Theodore's Epp's Practical Studies in Revelation'
'Back to the Bible Series'
which is no longer in print, so the interpretation comes from Epp's interpretation, not my own.   
Revelation is the last book of the Holy Bible and is a true account of future events given to John on the Island of Patmos by Jesus, Our Master and Saviour.  
The idea was to just give an easy, slow paced guide to what the book of Revelation is talking about, giving Christians who want to learn more of an understanding to what it's really saying.  I am not claiming that I have all the answers to what is going to happen in the future as far as all the details, which only John himself and Our Lord  understand as the Truth.  These books are simply just a guide, and a bit of an understanding to what it's really saying...that the world of today will end to create a new world for believers in the Lord Jesus Christ (those who know Christ personally) and that we must be prepared for the events.  The rest must come from the Holy Spirit Himself as to what Revelation is talking about to help us to understand all the symbols.

Revelation Daily is a daily devotional on the book of Revelation based on Theodore Epp's "Practical Studies in Revelation" Back to the Bible series.
It's a 100 days of easy to understand thoughts a
nd messages that aid the reader to understand more of the Book of Revelation. Although Revelation is a very difficult book to understand and that a book that is feared, it is also God's word and an important book for Christians to take a hold of, for witnessing and for our personal and spiritual development.

Poems of Revelation is a book of poetry, based on Theodore Epp's Practical Studies in Revelation Back to the Bibles Series and is a sister book to Revelation Daily. 
It was designed to help and educate people in understanding the Book of Revelation and maybe for memorising the interpretation for witnessing and for education in Bible subjects. It can be used to teach Christian teenagers and others in a simple way of learning a book that is very feared and misunderstood. It can also be for enjoyment of poetry lovers, for theatre or or on stage performances such as Poetry readings, etc.  If I had not have read Theodore Epp's Practical Studies in Revelation Volumes 1 and 2 Back to the Bible Series in 1986, I would not have even opened the book that is our future and therefore not been able to share this future with others.