ROM Hacking to Extreme Levels

The End of ROMXtreme 30.9.09

Blazichu here...

Well folks, ROMXtreme has official ended and will be replaced later on by the new "R10". This also means that Plasma Red and Cobalt Blue have both been cancelled but it doesn't mean the end of the Sanjo series. For those who are wondering what I am doing, seeing as I have left forums, I am mainly working on my TAFE course at the moment so when I have that complete I should be able to work more on my ROM hacking. 

R10, being the new group, will develop a new hack which the new name has been decided already. R10 has a new spriter who is not myself and I have to say that the tiles so far are looking fine. I would show a preview but it is rather earlier for that. The only part of the hack that I will reveal is the new name, "Sanjo Origins". That is all that will be given for now.

So Enjoy!




Update 27.4.09

- Plasma Red Debug Menu release date given.

Update 13.4.09

- New Banner added to site

- New Plasma Red News by Blazichu (Debug Menu Request)

Update 14.1.09

- New Banner added to the site.

Update 3.8.08

- Future Hacks section was updated with new announcement.

Update 6.7.08

- New information added to the Cancelled Hacks section.

- New information added to the About Us section.

- E-Mail added to Contact Us section.

- New Sections added:

  •  Pokemon Cobalt Blue
  •  Pokemon Plasma Red
  •  Future Hacks
  •  Cancelled Hacks
  •  About Us
  •  Contact Us

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