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Chapter 14

Posted by romeraiders on July 11, 2011 at 11:59 AM

Disagreements and baseball-- Rugby has its scrums and baseball has its rhubarbs. In my six years with the team thankfully we never had the old fashioned rhubarb but we did have a few disagreements.


Baseball and disagreements seem to go hand in hand. One disagreement that I remember and Keith kind of remembers it, took place before we were even an official team to be back in the Lakes again for the 73 season. We were holding a practice on the Rome diamond the summer or fall before we would be starting up. Mike Trebitowski, who was the Lakes comish at the time, and who also lived in Rome, came flying out to the diamond in his big old, I think white, pickup truck. He raced up to the backstop , got out and began yelling at us, waving his arms and jumping around. It was like he was screaming in some foreign language at us as he was pretty worked up.


At first we didn’t have a clue as to what he was trying to tell us and what we were doing wrong. We then figured out that he was telling us that we for some reason weren’t supposed to be practicing. Mike was known as a great guy, we all knew him. Well next thing some of us started barking back and we had a standoff. Eventually Mike got in his truck and tore out. We had our practice while kind of scratching our heads with some nervous laughs mixed in. Yikes, was this what it was going to be all about?


To this day I don’t know what we were doing that we weren’t supposed to be doing. Of course we’d see Mike after that and everything seemed fine with no seemingly hard feelings on either side. Mike really was a nice man, he could be very personal and caring but on that day we had apparently broken a cardinal rule of some sort.


Fast forward four or five years and we apparently broke another cardinal rule. Kent brought this one up. We were up to Watertown playing a night exhibition game under the lights. We had the full team now and word was out that we were a much improved young team.


It was one of the first night games under the lights that we had played and Watertown had a nice field. It was pretty neat stuff for our guys to be in a setting like this. Eli Crogan , an area legend in the high school basketball coaching world, was the Watertown manager. Before the game, he was talking to a few of us and was just lauding and praising us up one side and down the other. The butter was pretty thick. Well, then the game started. The Rome guys played pretty well that night and we ended up winning against a team that I guess we weren’t supposed to beat.


Near the end of the game Mr. Crogan was saying other things about us and by the end of the game we were basically felons of some sort and should expect to never be invited back. Well, the rockets started going off in both directions and we shook the dust off our feet and got out of there. Still don’t know what cardinal rule or rules we broke that night, I don’t think we ran up the score or knowingly did anything to embarrass them. On the other hand we were all young and most of our guys, if they got on, they knew how to, and they loved to run the base paths.


That may have been it. On the other hand when you are a young team you always have to be ready for the challenges of the old bucks and their psychology. The old bucks look at you with a little scorn for the bit of brashness that you have with your youth. On the other hand they admire and remember and often miss the care- freeness of their own youth.


It’s called competition, who’s going to be the next king of the hill or control the next buck scrape. And along with that a lot of mind games can be played by the older with the younger. So you just have to take your lumps, learn, and keep your chin up and keep your eyes on the prize and keep the train moving towards the goal.

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