Romanovs of Russia

The Last Imperial Children of Russia




It was the year 1904, Russia was in war with Japan, and Russia faces disaster.


Why The Tsarina was thirty-one years old, after ten years of marriage, seven pregnancies, and four daughters were born and no male heir to the Russian throne. 


On August 12th (July 30th), The Tsar and his family were at their dacha The Alexandria near the Peterhof palace. The Tsarina began to have pains at lunch. She went upstairs to her bedroom, at 1:15 pm the new infant was delivered. Three hundred guns fired at the Peter and Paul fortress in St.Petersburg. Many citizens were filled with joy of the birth of an heir at last!


"A great and unforgettable day for us, during which we were clearly visited by the grace of God. At 1.15 in the afternoon Alix gave birth to a son, whom in prayer we have named Alexei." ~ Nicholas' diary July 30/August 12th 1904.


The Tsar and Tsarina were filled with joy and happiness. They named him "Alexei" (which means "defender") after the second Romanov Tsar who was known as Alexei the gentle. Before Alexei was born was his uncle the Grand Duke Michael was the Heir Tsarevich, but now the Tsarina  have finally have completed her duty. The new baby boy was given the titles of Sovereign Heir and Tsarevich, and Grand Duke of Russia.



The godparents of The Little Tsarevich Alexei:


-         The Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna *

-         Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany

-         King Edward VII of Great Britain

-         King Christian IX of Denmark 

-         Grand Duke Eresnt Ludwig of Hesse

-         Princess Victoria of Great Britain

-         Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich *

-         Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna

-         Grand Duke Michael Nikolaievich

-         Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaievna


And all soldiers serving in the military during the Russo-Japanese War were declared godfathers to Alexei.


 * The Dowager Empress and Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich were the main godparents of the Tsarevich.


Alexei had a load of nicknames- Baby, Alyosha, Lyoshka, Sunbeam, Little One, Little Tsar, and so on. To the household and court, he was formally called “His Imperial Highness” or “Alexei Nikolaievich” by his or his parents’ permission.


Baby Alexei was a fat handsome infant always smiling and hardly cries.  Just weeks after his birth, the Tsar and Tsarina realized he had hemophilia. The Tsarina was heartbroken.


 Alexei was described as an intelligent, active, fun loving and affectionate boy, along with a wild, mischievous and temperamental side. He was also very stubborn and refused to speak anything but Russian and enjoyed wearing Russian costume. As a small child, he occasionally played pranks on guests and got away with it unlike his sisters. Alexei was also rude and bad temper as a child; he once gave a misfortunate person a bloody noise by a kick in the face, while that person bowed down to the little prince.

His parents never had the guts to yell at their precious sickly child; and Alexei was let off easy. Alexei was spoiled and cherish by those around him, his mother never forgave herself that her only son got that terrible disease and never dared to turn her baby away with a negative saying or expression.                                                                           

Alexei was a handsome boy with bluish grey eyes and his hair was golden as a child, and as he got older, his hair became darker with a coppery glint. Unlike his short and little chubby sister Anastasia, Alexei was slim and tall for his age. 


Alexei was loved by all four sisters- Olga, Tatiana, Maria  and Anastasia. He loved them all. But his favorite was Anastasia. His second eldest sister, Tatiana was like a second mother to him, when his mother was away, very rarely that happened. He was his parents pride and joy.


Many times in his short life, he was close to death. The Tsarina was agony over her only son's health. The Tsarina needed help to keep her son alive was a monk named Rasputin who taught of himself as a holy man. Who take away Alexei’s pain through prayer? No one knows for sure why, scientifically or spiritually.


In 1914, War World I started, everything in his world had changed.


The years of 1914-1916, Alexei join his father at the army headquarters. He enjoyed every minute of it when he was well. In 1916, He had a terrible nosebleed; it was the last time Rasputin helped the boy.


The fallowing winter of 1916, The Monk Rasputin was murdered by Prince Felix Yussupov, the husband of Princess Irina, the Tsar’s niece. Along with The Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlevitch (A favorite cousin of the Tsar) and others. The murders were forced in to exile.


In 1917, The Tsar abdicated the throne in favor of his son, (for a few hours Alexei was “Tsar Alexei II” during a reading lesson) Then Nicholas II changed his mind and gave the throne to his brother the Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich. The tsar for a day, Tsar Michael II also abdicated the throne.

 Three hundred four years of the Romanov dynasty of Russia was put to an end.


In 1918 on July 16-17th, the thirteen year old former Tsarevich (He was two weeks shy of his fourteen birthday) was killed in Yekaterinburg along with his parents, four sisters and four servants. In early mourning all were dead. The murders hide the bodies on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg. They were not found for many years.


 In 1991, the bodies of the Tsar, the Tsarina, the Grand Duchess Olga and two her sisters and the four servants were found (note: that the remains were found secretly in the 1970s. After the fall of communism, the founders of the remains then told the world officially they known were the victims were buried) by the Railroads on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg. Alexei and one of his sister’s bodies (Tatiana or Maria or Anastasia; I say Maria!) were missing. 

After years of searching for Alexei and the missing Grand Duchess’ bodies, they were still not found. However searching still continues. The founded victims were finally put to rest in St. Petersburg at the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral in 1998, eighty years after they were murdered.  


Many people believed the two children survived, and some even claim to be the children, none of the claims past the authority of the remaining Romanov family and Royals. It clearly by reading this part of one of the murders, Yakov Yurovsky’s notes:


“When the firing stopped, it turned out that the daughters, Alexandra Feodorevna and, it seems, Demidova and Alexei too, were alive… Alexei remained sitting petrified. I killed him (shot him twice or three times in the head). They shot the daughters but did not kill them. Then Yermakov resorted to a bayonet, but that did not work either. Finally they killed them by shooting them in the head.”


“A fire was made and while the graves where being prepared we burned two corpses: Alexei and Demidova*. The pit was dug near the fire. The bones were buried, the land was leveled. A big fire was made again and all the traces were covered with ashes. Before putting the other corpses into the pit we poured sulpheric acid over them.”


*However it was one of the Grand Duchesses, not the maid -Anna Demidova. Yurovky and his men wanted to burn Alexandra Feodorevna's body, but then notice they burned the Maid, whom was actually one of the Grand Duchesses.


In 2000, Alexei was became Passion bearer (a Martyr) in the Russian Orthodox Crunch along with his family who were killed in the Russian Revolution. In the saying of what goes around comes around- was murdered in name of revolution because of he was the Russian Heir and became a Prince in the heavens.


On August 23rd, 2007, a discovery of two fragile skeletons wore found near the spot were the Tsar and the others were found years earlier. the bones were identified as a young boy between 10-13 years of age and a young woman of between 18-23 years of age. Many people really think highly  that this remains belong to the Tsarevich and one of his sisters. 

On April 30rd, 2008, Russian forensic scientists announced that DNA testing proves that the remains belong to the Tsarevich Alexei and to the Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaievna. All of the remains of the Tsar's family have finally been accounted for at least, the final chapter of the Romanov Mystery is to a close.

God Bless The Holy Martyr Tsarevich Alexei.