History of the Rojas Family of Cavite



The union between DOMINGO ROJAS [pure Chinese named "GO PAO",originally from Canton, China] of Cavite City and HONORATA SARAZA Y SANTOS [DOB: January 11, 1848 - RIP: November 24, 1927] of Anabu, Imus, Cavite produced 6 children namely:

1). VICTOR [DOB: July 24, 1872 - RIP: August 23, 1959] 

Eldest of the six children born to Domingo and Honorata - settled in Dimasalang and married Maxima Eullo Agreda [DOB: July 30, 1878 - RIP: August 13, 1957]. Victor had 8 children with his wife Maxima namely:

Paula "Ulay" [DOB: April 2, 1902 - RIP: October 2, 2001] the eldest, Francisca "Iska" [DOB: June 18, 1903 - RIP: September 12, 1984], Vicente "Enteng" [DOB: April 5, 1905 - RIP: February 13, 1964], Braulio "Boyong" [DOB: February 9, 1911 - RIP: November 7, 1991], Soledad "Solit" [DOB: March 20, 1916 - RIP: ? ? 1967, Lirio "Iriong" [DOB: September 25, ? - RIP: June 21, 1977], Jose "Cheng" [DOB: January 19, 1918 - February 3, 1983] [co-owner of Cinerama Theater with Pablo Roman] and Arturo "Turing" [DOB: April 25, 1923 - RIP: October 10, 2007], the youngest. Paula had 4 children with her spouse Federico Dela Cruz [DOB: July 18, 1901 - RIP: October 9, 1977] namely: Soledad "Soly" the eldest [DOB: June 10, 1927 - RIP: April 23, 2008], Antonio "Tony" [DOB: October 17, 1929 - RIP: July 26, 1994], Edgardo "Edd" [DOB: July 25, 1932 - RIP: February 10, 2005] and Lourdes "Lou" [DOB: April 25, 1935], the youngest. Jose Rojas had 6 children with his wife Emiliana [DOB: September 11, 1926 - RIP: June 22, 2008] namely: Jose "Boy", Rolando, Babette,Victor, Lourdes and Jose Ferdinand. (This additional information regarding the children of Jose Rojas was provided by his grandson, Giancarlo Luigi Rojas and his granddaughter, Bianca Czarina Rojas, daughter of Lourdes).


Settled in Mindoro and had 2 daughters, Carmen (married Judge Buencamino) and Soledad Rojas;


Used to own several houses for rent and restaurants in Escolta and Avenida.Also had many kalesas (horse drawn vehicle popular during the 19th and early 20th centuries).But his first wife maneuvered to have all his properties place under her name and then she left him. Later, he settled in Silang and married Salud Mariano of Manila. Together, they had 8 children -Teofilo (father of Manny Rojas), Onofre, Gloria, Iluminada, Eugenio,Marcela,Joaquin and Victoria;

4). HILARIA [DOB: December 30, 1877 - RIP: November 6, 1978] 

Married Go Seungco and had 9 children as follows: Felisa (married to a Paredes man and had 2 sons, Alfredo and Leonardo, the latter being the father of Mayor Bernardo "Totie" Paredes, present mayor of Cavite City), Ruperta (married to a Toledo), Isabelita (died in infancy), Venancia, Roque, Valentin, Generosa (married Nicholas Nuguid and had 8 children- Cely, Ricardo Sr.,Bernardo, Carlos, Herminio,Erlinda,Teresita and Nicholas jr), Isidro and Encarnacion (youngest child and source of many of the information sited here);

5). JUAN - father of Marina (Aquino) and Dinio Rojas;

6). HONORIO [DOB: September 30, 1886 - RIP: April 10, 1969] 

Married MARIA SIPRIASO [DOB: January 25, 1887 - RIP: April 10, 1947] of Kawit, Cavite and had 6 children:

a. ZOSIMO [DOB: April 4, 1907 - RIP: March 16, 1973] - married Felisa Cabuco and had a son, Leandro (had 2 unions with Liduvina Lantin of Batangas producing 3 sons, Dr.Leandrito, Louie and Laurencio/ 2nd union with Josefina Lansang producing 3 daughters, Stella, Jocelyn and Ma. Teresita).Lawyer by profession and former mayor of Cavite City (1949).

b. MANUEL [DOB: August 5, 1908 - RIP: February 25, 1972] - married Placida Villanueva and had 3 children, Theresa, Honorio II and Manuelita.Please see website,

c. FELISA [DOB: January 30, 1910 - RIP: January 1, 1988] - married Atty. Ricardo Ll.Rosal and had one adopted daughter, Olivia (natural child of Bernardo Rojas and Virginia Salcedo).Businesswoman and former secretary and manager of Zosimo Rojas and Brothers Partnership.

d. DEOMEDES [DOB: August 16, 1911 - RIP: September 3, 1989] - married Sylvia Topacio of Imus, Cavite and had one daughter, Grace.Doctor by profession and the last manager of Zosimo Rojas and Brothers partnership.

e. BERNARDO [DOB: April 9, 1913 - RIP: August 5, 1968] - married Virginia Salcedo and had 8 children namely, Marita, Olivia, Basilia, Augusto, Jean Eulogia, Marcos Virgilio, Ma.Elizabeth and Ma.Bernardita. Please see website,

f. SOLEDAD [DOB: January 4, 1915 - RIP: March 8, 1986] - married Engr.Amado Joco of Naic ,Cavite and had one adopted daughter, Marita (natural child of Bernardo and Virginia).Homemaker.

In 1947, MARIA SIPRIASO passed away and 2 years later in 1949, HONORIO married AUREA GARCIA of Anoling Mendez and had 4 children with her namely, Victoria, Honorato, Evelyn and Rosalie.

He also had an affair with an unknown woman who bore a son named Alfredo Rojas.

Maria Sipriaso


Maria Sipriaso

MARCOS RED SIPRIASO (former surname "Siy") of Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite had 2 unions. One was with TEONDISIA CAIMOL (of Kawit) and produced 2 daughters namely:

1. MARIA [DOB: January 25, 1887 - RIP: April 10, 1947]. She married HONORIO ROJAS, a Chinese Mestizo from Cavite City, sometime after 1900.They had 6 children as stated above.

2. DOMINGA - married EULOGIO PICACHE. Had no children and took good care of Bernardo like he was her own.

The second union of Marcos was with JULIA BALAN, also from Kawit ,Cavite. They had 2 sons (half -brothers of Maria and Dominga) namely:

3. CATALINO -Maria's closest brother married twice. First with Soledad Brinas and they had 2 children namely Rosario (now surnamed Gomez) and Arthur. After Soledad died, he married Encarnacion Dimailig and had several children namely- Tessie ,Arturo,Sarita,Catalino jr and Mary Ann.

4. EMILIANO -married Andrea Aglavia and had two children namely ,Consuelo "Elong" (married to Rod Valecruz) and Fortunato Sr.(an architect who settled in Calamba,Laguna and married Dolores Gotengco).Consuelo and Rod Valecruz had 2 children, Chit and Lito. Fortunato Sr.and Dolores had 5 sons, one of which is Fortunato Jr.,now living in the United States.

Dominga Sipriaso Picache, sister of Maria Sipriaso Rojas (sometime in the 1920s)


Taken in the Rojas mansion of Honorio Rojas in Cavite City, the whole clan was present.See if you can identify the Rojases, plus the children, nephews and nieces as well as grandchildren.

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