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Europe's favourite album rock radio station -

Greetings, Music Lovers!

None of the hits, all of the time!

Members of the Alice's team have been rockin' the airwaves since the mid 1960's, and we're not done yet!

We're working towards bringing you a regular album rock radio service, which can be heard wherever you are, on an ordinary, non digital radio
. No need to suffer from Dalek sounding audio on dodgy DAB, or be stuck indoors, sitting in front of a computer, with 'stop/start' music as you check your e-mails, or to waste electricity - or burn out your tv screen listening to satellite radio through your tv speakers.

Maybe, just maybe - if you're old enough to remember this; the buzz of listening to your transistor radio late at night while tucked up in bed - when radio stations seemed to play better music - enhanced with a few fades, pops and crackles, you'll experience the same 'nostalgic vibes' while Alice's rocks yer socks off!

Thanks to all our listeners all over Europe, and as far away as Japan & China, who contacted us after our last test broadcast.


????kHz, 49mb, 100kW

London's legendary album rock radio station; Alice's Restaurant, will re-launch, and start pilot test transmissions, for a pan-European *real* album rock radio service.

Inspired by Europe's first big album stations; Radio 428/Geronimo [1969/70] pioneers of album rock radio, who have championed the cause since even earlier in the 60's, will be involved in the project. Though it's been said about other radio stations, Alice's is arguably the station that discerning rock enthusiasts, have been waiting forty very long years for!

Bookmark this site and check back regularly for updates on broadcast days, times and frequencies.


Back in the 1980's like London's Kiss FM, Alice's Restaurant was an fm pirate station. With a team which includes members who have provided album rock programming on various landbased pirate rock stations since the 60's, it's perhaps not surprising that Alice's has an impeccable reputation for playing 100% album rock - AC/DC to Zeppelin, Aerosmith to ZZ Top, Accept to Zappa, and that's just a few A to Z's, there are many more rock bands who received a jolly good airing, that are simply too numerous to mention here. Put another way, it's easier to list the ones that weren't played.....

Folk rock, blues rock, jazz rock, progressive rock, space rock, hard rock, heavy rock, metal - or as one Alice's rock jock put it;

"Older, newer,
well known and obscure"

Alice's encompassed all genres of rock music. Playing blazing scorchers like Van Halen's 'Eruption' or whole album sides such as 'Lines On My Face/Do You Feel Like We Do?' from Frampton Comes Alive, and even complete concept albums like Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' played in its entireity - if it was 'rock', Alice's played it.

Described as a "rock giant" in national newspaper columns, the quirky Alice's Restaurant name and what it stands for are well remembered today - by those in the rock and radio industries, and by the rock bod in the street. More recently personalities have said it's "criminal" that there are no rock stations on the air in the UK, and it's crazy to think that rock enthusiasts in the country that has spawned so many of the world's greatest rock musicians - who are famous the whole world over, yet suffer broadcast discrimination in this, their own country - are denied the simple pleasure that others enjoy, of turning their own radios on and hearing their own music. There's not even one broad appeal rock program on national radio, let alone one rock station. In fact you could say that rock music has been *culturally cleansed* from radio, in the country that many regard as the birthplace of 'album rock'. Others are able to enjoy their music and culture on their radios, be that pop, a growing number of stations aimed at ethnic communities, or minority audience classical music, but not the countless long suffering rock enthusiasts - it's nothing short of scandalous. The BBC carries self praising adverts, saying that it caters for everyone's needs, so just where exactly is the BBC rock music program that rock enthusiasts can listen in to? Rock music is not some alien music to be scorned as some do, it's a fantastic art form that many discerning British musicians & people [and those overseas] love and have loved since the 1960's. How would those that decide what is and isn't heard on radio, like *their music* banned from *their radios*? Sir Bob Geldoff [Live Aid] slammed the "boring" UK radio scene in 1998, and suggested that a pirate style approach to radio programming was preferrable - "Aharrrr, Jim lad - pieces of eight". [Hmmm, good title for a Styx album that - remember the 'Queen Of Spades']?

Alice's was and still is a dedicated album rock station - no pop 40 singles, run by rock enthusiasts, for rock enthusiasts. Who better to know what rock fans are into than rock fans themselves?

"So" I hear you ask, "what is Alice's going to be playing"? It's certainly true that we can't please all the people all the time, but here's an inkling into the musical direction of Alice's. These are just a few of the more well known rock names we'll be playing. Obviously there are many names left out of this list, but we hope this will give you at least some idea of what you'll be able to hear, from a musical style rich in variety, that has been with us for a period which spans five decades - and if you're not into newer rock, don't forget that Jimi Hendrix was 'new' at one time! The list is endless, but hopefully there's a few of your favourites among this A to Z of 'Alice's rock'.....

Okay, so we cheated a bit with the alphabet.

Unlike other so called 'rock stations' - or even a certain 'rock show', which have included 'rock' in their name so as to try and convince people they play rock - but then merely play commercial pop singles, Alice's is a station operated by dedicated album rock enthusiasts. Alice's isn't controlled by 'suits', accountants or computers, and if you're a discerning rock enthusiast, we think you'll be bowled over!

Alice's will be back on air, providing a permanent platform for a popular and 'evergreen' style of music, which suffers blatant discrimination, to surface and be heard. Check back here regularly to keep up to date with broadcast days and times - and please tell your friends who haven't got net access.

We'll eventually need rock bods to staff the station, so here's a chance for any keen rock radio oriented people with a bit of get up and go in them, who'd like to help with Alice's to get in touch. We're particularly looking for people with admin / office experience.

United we stand, divided we'll all grumble about the radio until our dying day.

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