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We Don't Need No Educashion (Pink Floyd)

* The book:

Jane Eyre

* The Album:

The Wall (Pink Floyd)

* The words:

We dont need no education.
We dont need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Teacher, leave those kids alone. We dont need no education.

* The authors:

Charlotte  Brontė

William Blake

*The video:

The best scene from the 1996 version of the movie  Jane Eyre. Warning: if you are a woman, get a handkerchief ready because you WILL cry!


* The relationship:

Charlotte Brontė  (born in 1816) was sent to a boarding school called Cowan Bridge school when she was about eight. Although  she was quite young then, all the sufferings and miseries the girls at that school experienced are  described at Lowood School in  her novel Jane Eyre. At the age of 15, Charlotte  attended Roe Head, a much better school  than Cowan Bridge. When she was 19, she became a junior assistant teacher at Roe School. In her twenties she became a junior teacher at a school in Brussels but unfortunately she fell in love with the man married  to the woman she was working for. A similar thwarted love relationship is the one between Mr Rochester and Jane Eyre. Charlotte died in 1855, a little before  her thirty-ninth  birthday.

Both poet William Blake and the rock band Pink Floyd attack school and view it as a limitation which restricts children's freedom . Blake even advotes a complete return to nature .

Jane Eyre, however, focuses on the fact that it is through education  that individuals, especially women, can achieve two of the states they most highly value: freedom and independence.

* The question:
Does school play a crucial role in the education of children?