* ®ock & £iter@ture *

Books enlarge the ability to think... Music enlarges the ability to dream...



* Vampires:

- Why did the vampire fall in love so quickly?

Because it was love at first BITE!

- Why do vampires read vogue?

Because they know it has great circulation.

- What did the grateful vampire say?

Fangs very much.

* Witches:

- A witch to the other:

"This is my family album but I can't tell witch is witch".

- What's made of bread and rides on a broomstick?

A sand-wich.   

- How do you make a witch itch?

Take away the "w".

* Ghosts:

- What dance do ghosts do best?


- What's a ghost's favourite sweet?


- What's a ghost's favourite trees?


*  Monsters:

- What's the first thing a monster eats after it's had a tooth out?

The dentist.

- What's strong and miserable?

The Incredible Sulk.

-How do monsters like their eggs?


*  Skeletons:

- What's a skeleton's favourite musical instrument?

A trom-bone.

- Why did the skeleton go to the beach?

Because it wanted to get a nice skele-tan.

- What dance was the skeleton was doing when his head fell off?

Shake, rattle and roll.

Hope you've enjoyed this page and you'died... LAUGHING!