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[ GHOSTS ] * Ghost of You * (Good Charlotte)

* The places in London:

- Green Park

- The Theatre Royal

- The Tower of London

-  Borley

- The Royal Opera House

* The Place in New York:

Hotel Chelsea

* The punk rocker:

Sid Vicious

* The poet:

Dylan Thomas

* The Relationship:

London is full of ghosts. There are haunted houses, pubs, streets, theatres and churches. There is even a haunted tree in Green Park.

In Drury Lane there is a famous theatre called the Theatre Royal. Many people have seen a ghost there. They think this ghost is a dead man who was found in a secret room by some workmen in 1848. The man had obviously been murdered since he had a knife sticking in his skeleton.

Usually actors and actresses see him when they are rehearsing a new play or when they doing an afternoon performance. They think that if he appears before the first night of a play, the audience will like it but if he doesn't appear the play will be unsuccessful. The ghost always disappears at the place that used to be the secret room.

The Tower of London, built in 1078 under the orders of William the Conqueror, is also said to be haunted by the ghosts of Anne Boleyn, Margaret of Salisbury, the two little princes and Sir Walter Raleigh. Anne Boleyn, second wife of  King Henry VIII, had her head cut off on Tower Green when Henry wanted another wife. Her ghost sometimes appears with head and sometimes without it.

Margaret of Salisbury was executed at the Tower just because King Henry didn't like her. Her head was cut off with an axe. Her ghost appears on May 27th, the day she was killed, running away from her executioner. When Edward V became king of England in 1483 he was only twelve years old. His brother was ten. Their uncle Richard was a bad man who wanted to be king himself so he took the two boys to the Tower and ordered Sir James Tyrell to kill the two princes. The small figures of the two little princes have been seen holding hands and wearing nightclothes. Sir Walter Raleigh was a prisoner in the Tower from 1603 to 1616. He usually appears walking at night.

The ghost of a nun has been seen in the small village of Borley. It seems this nun was a girl  who had fallen in love with a man in the village. They wanted to leave the place together. When the other nuns found out, they killed the poor girl. Her ghost returns every year on July 28th to look for her lover.
The story of The Phantom of the Opera is not really about a ghost but about a man named Erik who happened to be an eccentric and physically deformed genius who terrorized the Opera Garnier in Paris, France He built his home beneath it and took the love of his life, a beautiful soprano, under his wing. Though the story depicted in The Phantom of the Opera is fiction, it could be that life imitated art. As the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in London was undergoing renovations, someone or something was disrupting the progress throwing bricks, nuts, bolts and metal plating from high places of the building during the day when 750 workers were on site. Yet, no one ever saw the culprit, creating speculation about a real phantom of the opera.
Hotel Chelsea is one of New York City's most notorious landmarks. The hotel has a Bohemian character that has attracted actors, writers, artists and musicians throughout its history. There are reported to be numerous ghosts haunting the hallways and rooms of the historic hotel. The place has been the lodging choice and inspiration of many writers, musicians and artists who enjoyed the Bohemian atmosphere of the popular hotel. Well known occupants have included Janis Joplin, Sarah Bernhardt, Thomas Wolfe, Dylan Thomas and Sex Pistol Sid Vicious.
Sid Vicious, Sex Pistol punk rocker, was suspected of stabbing and killing his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, in 1978 in room 100. Former musician for the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, were living at the hotel after Sid's career took a plunge. One morning Sid called the police, requesting that they come to his apartment right away. When officers arrived, they found Nancy lying in a pool of her own blood with a knife   protruding from her side. Sid was arrested for murder but died of a heroin overdose before he ever served jail time.
Sid Vicious himself died of a heroin overdose in 1979, in Greenwich Village, NY, Sid Vicious was a known drug addict who was distraught after the murder of his girlfriend and reportedly said that he didn't want to live without her. The ghost of Sid Vicious is said to occupy Hotel Chelsea and has been seen in the elevator.
Welsh poet Dylan Thomas spent his final days drinking alcohol at the hotel. Dylan Thomas died in 1953 after reportedly drinking 18 whiskeys in a row and falling into a fatal coma. It is said that the spirit of Dylan Thomas continues to stay on at the Hotel Chelsea.
Over the last century, the Chelsea has seen its share of drugs, alcohol, immoral behavior, death and despair. All of these events have seemed to leave their mark on the hotels very walls, causing many to claim that the hotel is haunted.

* The questions:

Do you believe in ghosts?  Do you think that dead people come back to the world to haunt the world of the living?