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[ VAMPIRES ] * Forever Young * (Alphaville)

- The artwork:

Impressive picture of Tom Cruise as Lestat.

- The book:

Interview with the Vampire

- The author:

Anne Rice

- The video clip:

Excellent collection of still images taken from the movie Interview with the Vampire.


- The band:

Linkin Park

- The rocker:

Chester Bennington

- The girl:

Child actress Kirsten Dunst playing the role of Claudia (who eventually becomes a vampire in Interview with the Vampire)

- The noblewoman:

Elizabeth Bathory

blood1-4.gif (25201 bytes)

- The relationship:

The following information has been adapted from Wikipedia:

"Interview with the Vampire is a vampire novel by Anne Rice written in 1973 and published in 1976. The novel, the first to feature the enigmatic vampire anti-hero Lestat, was followed by several sequels, collectively known as The Vampire Chronicles

In 1972, author Anne Rice and her husband Stan lost their five-year-old daughter Michele to leukaemia. Suffering from a deep depression, Rice immersed herself in writing the novel. Although some say the character of the child vampire Claudia was based on Michele, and the novel's central themes of immortality and loss reflect Rice's reaction to her death, Anne Rice herself denies a link.

The Queen of the Damned is the third novel of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series. It follows Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat. This novel explores the rich history and mythology of the origin of the vampires, which dates back to Ancient Egypt."

The soundtrack of the movie The Queen of the Damned contains the song System, performed by Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. The video clip which appears on this page, actually a tribute to Interview with the Vampire, is set to the song System.

We tend to believe vampires are MEN and most of the stories about these blood-thirsty creatures are myths or legends. However, there is a historical vampire who REALLY existed and who was a... WOMAN!
Her name was Elizabeth Bathory and the following extract has been adapted from www.freewebs.com/vampyre, a site I strongly recommend you to visit if you are interested in this subject.

"Some call her the queen of blood. Others call her the first true vampire. Whatever her label, Elizabeth Bathory has gone down into the history books as a sadistic woman, and whose horrific crimes have made her one of the most infamous women in vampire lore.

Elizabeth Bathory was born a noblewoman in 1560. Her family held lands throughout Transylvania.
At age 25, Bathory began to be terrified of growing old and losing the beauty that she had come to depend on so greatly. Bathory began to dabble in some forms of sorcery, attending rituals that would include the sacrifice of horses and other animals.
Bathory's personal obsession with blood started quite harmlessly, by all accounts. One of her servant girls had not been performing to her standards, so Countess Bathory struck the young servant girl in the face with scissors. The servant girl's blood sprayed across Bathory's hands. When the Countess went to rinse off the blood, she felt her skin looked smoother and younger than it had in years. The tenuous connection between blood and youth had been made, and it was from here that she began her bloody descent into evil.

Convinced that blood, particularly the blood of young girls, was the secret to eternal youth and beauty, Countess Elizabeth Bathory began to devise scheme after scheme to provide herself with the blood, and therefore the youth, she so desperately sought. During her reign of terror, which lasted several years, about six hundred women were killed."

The Swedish black metal band Bathory, regarded as the founder of viking metal, took its name from the infamous "blood countess," Elizabeth Bathory.

* The question *

I really think in this life we are either the vampire or the victim or sometimes we play both roles, according to different situations. What do Y-O-U think?