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Books enlarge the ability to think... Music enlarges the ability to dream...

* Adam's Apple * (Aerosmith)

- The song:
Adam's Apple (Aerosmith)

- The lyrics:

Back when Cain was able
Way before the stable
Lighting struck right down from the sky
A mother ship with fate said let's give it a try
Conscience was related
Man he was created
Lady luck took him by surprise
A sweet and bitter fruit it surely opened his eyes
Well she ate it
Lordy it was love at first bite
Well she ate it
Never knowin wrong from right right right
Even Eve in Eden
Voices tried deceiving
With lies that showed the lady the way
At first she stopped and turned and tried to walk away
Man he was believer
Lady was deceiver
So the story goes but you see
The snake was he and she just climbed right up his tree
So she ate it
Lordy it was love at first bite
Well she ate it
Never knowin wrong from right right right
Conscience was related
Man he was created
When lady luck took him by surprise
The sweet and bitter fruit it surely opened his eyes
Evil came like rainin
Who knows who's to blamin
Something tried to lay her to waste
And all she want and need was just a little taste

- The poem:

Paradise Lost (John Milton)

- The rock bands:

Paradise Lost
- The songs:
Adam's Apple (Aerosmith)
Fallen Angels (Aerosmith)
Original Sin (INXS)
The Garden of Eden (Guns N' Roses)
Paradise City ( Guns N' Roses)
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- The relationship:
Paradise Lost is a long epic poem written by John Milton (1608-1674). It tells the story of Adam and Eve and why God  punished them. Paradise Lost was followed by Paradise Regained and both poems were written after Milton had gone blind.
In rock music biblical references abound, particularly those concerned with the story which happened in the Garden of Eden. The rock bands and songs listed above make a clear reference to original sin and the biblical story of the Fall. Explicit allusions to the "serpent" (Satan) are made in the names of the bands Whitesnake, Poison and the black metal group Venom. The title of the song Fallen Angels (Aerosmith) also refers to Lucifer, the angel who falls because of pride and is thus forced to leave Heaven and live in Hell...
- My comment:
Definitely the part I most enjoyed when reading Paradise Lost was Book IX, which deals with Satan's struggle to overcome his own doubts and weaknesses to tempt mankind... When beholding Eve and her "heavenly form", looking "angelic and feminine" and noticing her "graceful innocence" for a moment he seems to become humanized but, then, realizing that she is "a pleasure not for him ordained" he recollects all his hate and proceeds with his plans...
In my daily life every time I see something I can't afford or I can't have I always remember Satan's words in Paradise Lost and tell myself "a pleasure not ordained for me"...
"From his own evil, and for the time remained
Stupidly good; of enmity disarmed,
Of guile, of hate, of envy, of revenge:
But the hot Hell that always in him burns,
Though in mid Heaven, soon ended his delight,
And tortures him now more, the more he sees
Of pleasure, not for him ordained: then soon                      
Fierce hate he recollects, and all his thoughts
Of mischief, gratulating, thus excites."
(Paradise Lost, Book IX)
- The question:
* What would be, in YOUR opinion, "a pleasure not ordained for YOU"? *