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Books enlarge the ability to think... Music enlarges the ability to dream...

Hi, everyone!
My name is Cristina and this is my website.
These pages are about rock, literature and other art forms.
Hope you like reading them since I had a great time writing them!

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This site also has an appendix of Bonus Pages entitled More Than Rock comprising the following topics:

  • Rock & Cinema
  • Rock & ESP
  • Rock & Classical Music
  • Rock & Fantasy
  • Rock & Food
  • Rock & Friendship
  • Rock & Legend
  • Rock & Perfume
  • Rock & Places
  • Rock & Religion
  • Rock & Tears
  • Rock & War 

    • My Blog

    A collection of posts about miscellaneous topics such as History, Literature, Art and much more!

    A Blog for English Lovers

    • My Virtual Library


    • Language Dossier

    An insight into the English language also covering aspects related to the British and American culture.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/language-dossier/

    Bonus Pages: Language Dossier Reloaded   animated gif

    • Women's Dossier

    Women's issues covering a wide variety of topics of interest to women and relevant to women's lives. 

    http://www.freewebs.com/womens-dossier  animated gif

    • Rock & Art:

    A site blending rock and roll music and other art forms.


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    Goth & Roll
    (Rock, Art and Gothic topics with a funny twist)
    • My Gothic Sites:

    Pages containing images and info only for Gothic lovers. 


    My Gothic Blog: For Goth's Sake

    • Teen-related issues:

    Rock, literature and art this time focused on teens.

    * Rock & Teens

    Rock & Teens B-Side

    Rock & Teen Girls

    Gothic Teens 

    • My Palettes and Patterns:


    • My page at COLOURlovers as a guest author:


    • My YouTube Site:

    My favourite videos plus some videos created by me.