RM Vault

Rarities lie here.


Rule #1 - You must e-mail rmvault@hotmail.com (Seriously though, why a hotmail Majora?) only for help.

Rule #2 - To request a game, you must specify the title, platform(Which RM is used to make the game), creator(Optional) and type of game.(Optional), or else your plea will be ignored. Though I have 240+ games, I may not have the one you're looking for. Don't worry, we will provide you with useful links to help you on your search.You may ask for more than one game, but no more than 10 in one day.

Rule #3 - If you are the creator of a certain game hosted here, and you want it removed, e-mail the hotmail mentioned in Rule#1 and I'll remove it as soon as I read your e-mail.

Rule #4 - Please note that I will be updating weekly, so don't flame-mail me.

Rule #5 - If you want to become staff material, you must first join the forums, be active, don't leave too much, and finally you can request for a job. Guidelines: Please be sure to mention your nickname, the job you want(Can be anything related to this site; game uploader, permission manager, public link manager etc.), your experience(Have you done something like this before?) and reason you want to become staff. You can also add comments here and there. If you are a helper on the forums, and look like you could be good for the job, we will hire you.

Rule #6 - Please respect the game creator at all times.

That will be all. Be sure to read this(It's very short anyways).

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