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Posted by CC on 18/11/07

Holy koi, lots of people coming here recently...

Anyways, I guess you could say, this site died a horrible death. At least the links are still there somehow, but that's not really helping. Anywho, me and VG decided to make another board, and are hoping that it will be a little more succesful.
Link: Here.

We'll be hoping for a real site instead of this place, so stay tuned. (Also, there's a game request topic there.)

Posted by Majora on 20/07/07

Need help with making a game? Can't seem to get that CMS or CBS to work? Well RMvault has what you need it's Deiths's corner. He will offfer help with you RPG making need. So if you have any problems just ask Deithes.


Posted By Majora on 19/07/07

Hey majora here for a Midnight update! Well i uploaded 4 games old fashioned way. By that i mean they don't have their specific page, general info, description.. DARN YOU FREEWEBS! Why must there be a page limit? Oh well we are working on geting that fixed mabey switching to a premium acount but enough ranting for now....

Games Uploaded

A Far Away Home (RPG)                                                                                                                                                                                 

Donkey Kong Arcade Capers (Platformer)

Donkey Kong DX (RPG)

Sunset Over Imdahl (RPG)

A far away home is probably one of the most well made RM RPG i have seen yet you should definetly try it. The DK games made by piggy are also somme of the best Platforming games on RPGmaker and if you did not play them yet go do it now! Sunset over Imdahl is sort of an RPG just without battles. You play the role of a young boy who needs to travel thru time to stop a dangerous plague from happening. It is a realy awesome game you should go try this one to.

In other news we have a new staffer! His name is Deith and what will he do on RMvault? Well for now it's a secret but you should see pretty soon.

And this is just a reminder to all of the visitors to go check our forum cauz.. it's kinda unactive lately and we wouldn't want it to die wouldn't we?

that's all for tonight.. well today or whatever im going to sleep.



Posted by CC on 18/07/07

Well, I'm having a bit of problems with the games page, so I'll just make it visible for the moment. If you want other games that I mentioned in my older post, just click on the number '19' under 'User Details' on the filefront site. It shows a list of games I uploaded.

     Anyways, yeah, I'm gonna have to go back to the old shitsucker of a way the games page standed, because I forgot that Freewebs put a limit of pages you can create. Why do forms count as pages? More importantly, why do hidden pages count as pages? It's not like it takes more space than the other pages, but shouldn't it be more fair to just count pages listed on the Nav. Bar?

     Okay, I'll stop whining... Good.

Next update:
Harvest moon Rm2k
Romancing Walker
Your request

Posted by Majora on 17/07/07

RMvault has a new affiliate!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We are now affiliated with the Pokemon The Evil Inside website.
For those  who don't know PTEI is a RM game created by Colt and Black Mage about Evil Pokemons attacking humans.
You play as JJ Colt trying to save the human race from these evil pokemons.
If you have not played this one yet you should definetly go try it.


Posted By Majora on 16/07/07

Well it seems like CC has not uploaded the game section yet but it's ok he must have a good reason.

I uploaded a Shoot the Cat video to go with my review but the sound is pretty bad the speakers were not loud enough and the TV was on. Since it was late i didin't feel like refilming it. I might make a better sounding one tonight or today.

And more importantly RMvault has it's first affiliate.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It's a pretty cool website they have somme games and are working on a pretty cool FPS game.

Also if you are searching for RPGmaker2000, 2003 or XP they have it there!

You should definetly go check it out.




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