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***Status update August 29th, 2011*** - I know the month has almost ended. I honestly have been busy with a lot of changes in my life and with work. Update on that stuff in general will be on the main page. Virtual pet wise, I haven't had much chance or motivation to run anything up until recently. I'm leaning towards starting up sometime soon. Not giving an approximate month this time since I've been "pulling a Richie" this year since April so I am going to hold off for now. Check out the updates for the archive though! I just put January to April 2011 in there! If the link is acting up let me know. 

Description: Virtual Pet Logs started back in 2006 on a site known as Tama Zone, where many people log their virtual pet's progress on there. I was one of many. Issues occured on the site such as forum politics and other personal problems which lead me to move the virtual pet log to my website. My logs consist of thoughts, reviews, knowledge and progress of virtual pets I play when able. It used to be an every day thing back in College. These days with work and other hobbies I also enjoy, it's not as easy to find time to type up updates, so please be patient. For those who still read this even after my move to my site and various other reasons, I hope you still enjoy my content. For those new to this page, I welcome you and also hope you enjoy what I write. I know for me it's an excellent creative outlet. One of many for me.

Virtual Pet Log Archive: http://rlw_storage.webs.com/ <-- Recently updated January to April 2011 logs!! Go see.

Question: How many virtual pets do you actually have right now Rebecca?

Answer: As of December of 2010, I took a couple of evenings to count and organize my collection and I got 165. Click the link below to view it. Please note you may have to zoom in or save the picture to see everything at 100% - its a LONG picture file (That's what she saaaaaid!) lol.



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