R.J.A. Comics


WELCOME TO Really. Just. Annoying Comics

or as we're formally known RJA comics.

We are just starting out and as of right now we are just getting out bearings for the comic world.

As on that note our site is currently divided into three sections, our first

the home page which your currently on if you didn't realize...........which you'd need a pretty thick fucking head to not.

Our next tab is the comic tab just choose the tab you want there and click on it.

Then our last tab is our response tab but for now we'd like you to if your posting please introduce yourself.

In our Banner section we will be displaying our current

advertisements for our site. It is still very small banners and stuff.

We do have a forum we would like you to register if you plan on coming around on a some what

regular basis.

Reikon : Leader of the group also our head artist, if I tell you to stop something you had better.

Jet : Our current website specialist and our still unknown in ranking.

Alter : Our scanning man who keeps our comics up on the web.

In time I'll start an update that you can read to find out about our current comic and so on.

But as for now that's it I'll see you next up date.

Oh then there is our contact tab just, well that explains itself.





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