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.Saturday.March 29. 2008.

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Wow it's been a while since I've updated the blog page thingy. But yeah I've been updating the comic whenever I can. We just recently got our computer fixed and the scanner isn't installed yet because we're having difficulty finding the disk so yeah ^_^; Anyway I'm still working on the comic even though the scanner isn't installed yet. I'll do a mega-upload when I find that disk and have the scanner installed. One more page and I'm finished with ch.3~! Thanks for reading. =3


.Tuesday. December 4. 2007.

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Wow. I haven't written anything in the blog for R&P for a long time and alot has happened I guess.... M'kay the first thing is that I've decided what I want to do. I want to be an art teacher. Why you ask? Well it's because that are so many judgemental unfair art teachers out there and I was to be one of the good ones. But yeah, my main plan is to work on manga and be an art teacher at the same time. I wonder how that will work out...

Anyway as for Riyu & Panja I'm still working on the next comic outline. - -; I've just been so busy with school: specificly Latin... It's my first  year of taking it but still.. It's hard to learn a third language. I already have English & Nihongo floating around in my brain so it's a bit difficult. But maybe I'll get some more pages done over Xmas break.



.Monday.July 23, 2007. 1:47 AM.

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Hey guys, I've finally fixed the forums. Well alright, I didn't really fix them I just started over from scratch ^_^; But anyway I'm so excited because in August I'm going to Ikasucon~! I'm go to cosplay as a wavemaster from .hack and my friend Usagi (webcomic author of Digital Heart) is coming to and is going to cosplay as Chrono from Chrono Crusade. I'll post pictures from the con as soon as I can.

- Charmayne Walker chibikyo7@yahoo.com

 .Saturday.June 2, 2007.3:26pm.

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I'm so glad that school is out! I can actually focus on the comic now. Anyway I've updated the comic today, finished and added the character profiles to the site, added link exchanges to the links page and (I'm really happy to say) I got fanart from my friends to add to the fanart page~! If anyone has fanart that you want to send me that would be awesome! Thanks guys and enjoy the updates.

p.s. I don't know what's going on with the forum but it looks like I'm going to have to make another one ... oh well, until then just use the cbox.

-Charmayne Walker chibikyo7@yahoo.com 

.Tuesday.May 1.2007.

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^_^ Muro & Gregory just make the cutest cupol. They're perfect for eachother just like Riyu & Panja are. Even though I feel really sleepy right now I can't help but feel a little bit accomplished to. I finished all of the script writing for Chapter Two.

This chapter has been kind of dramatic but hopefully the next one is less serious.

-Luna chibikyo7@yahoo.com



.Monday.Febuary 26.2006.

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At first updating the comic was difficult but I really feel that I've gotten the hang of it! I've added a cbox to the website and also a page for fanart. I've started inking the comic too.(but not the title pages and Luna sketchbook days.) Lately I somehow manage to get my comics done in time for updates and stay on-top of my schoolwork aswell. It was difficult for me to do at first but now I try to combine the two. Like sometimes in class if we're taking notes on something I already understand then I finishing inking or drafting a comic. I haven't got caught yet which is surprising because my science study hall teacher is the epitome of evil bald guys everywhere. lol.

-Charmayne Walker chibikyo7@yahoo.com

Lots of comic updates!

 .Sunday. January 12. 2007.

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Finally! The comic page has a whole bunch of new comics on it! Sorry for the delay guys ^_^; I'll try my best to update as much as I can. I'll try to have  a comic done and uploaded every Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope everyone had a great Xmas(that's late.lol.) I really appreciate all of you reader's support. The forum has gained even more users and it make me glad to you guys enjoy reading my comic. Thank you all so much, your support means more to me than you know.

-Charmayne Walker  Chibikyo7@yahoo.com


Site Updates!

.Monday. January 8. 2007.


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Hello once again. I've been working on some of the site updates. The comic page is now hosted on drunkduck, I just figured it would be easier to go through the comics rather than having to click, read the comic and then click the back button. It just seems like a better format to me, I'd like to know what you readers think so don't hesitate to comment. 

I've the 6 or 7 comics that I didn't get a chance to add to the previous comic page to the new one. For a while I'm sad to say I won't be able to update the comic because I'm consumed with studying and exams, but I can't wait until I can sit down without having to worry about exams and draw some more of the comics ... and now that I think about it I haven't watched all of the Escaflowne boxset I got either. ^_^; Now I really wish all this studying was overwith. lol.

- Charmayne Walker


  .Saturday. November 11, 2006.

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  • Music: Lost Carol - Akira Yamaoka [Silent Hill 3]


I'm so glad that I've been able to update the comic on time this week. I'll keep trying my best guys! ^_^ Lately I've been spending most of my time either playing DDR or watching Kaleido Star. I just can't help it I love the second season of Kaleido Star! I'm not sure if it's partly because my least favorite character leaves or just because the anime itself just gets more exciting in it's second season. Another anime that I have been a fan of for a long time is Serial Experiments Lain. It's a very great series which I have been wanting to buy for a while now... I do have one of the dvds but I really wish I could afford the boxset. >< But anyway sorry about that... don't want this to turn into a rant or anything. ^_^;  

I've been looking around the net lately for other webcomics and art sites aswell and I've found alot of really cool ones. heh... It makes me feel bad that on my deviant art account I have myself labeled as a "procrastinator", honestly it would be easier if I had a computer that wasn't slow. u.u sadly this one is... It's so slow that I barely even bother getting on the internet anymore unless I have to for something important usually I just don't get on my computer at all, I'd much rather draw, write and read than wait forever for things to load on this computer. u.u; That's why I barely check my e-mail and last I did I had at least 67 unread e-mails and alot of old ones that were just sitting their waiting to be deleted. So finally today I deleted all of my e-mails. And the new e-mails ... I didn't even bother reading them because they were just old to (topics from my friends which we have aready talked about) so I just deleted those aswell. ^_^ I hope that that way I can spend less time reading e-mails and are old and spend more of my time doing important things like updating the comic on time.

Thanks again readers,

Charmayne Walker (Luna)



W00t... I made the first deadline. n.n

 [Tuesday. November 7, 2006]

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I'm so glad that I updated the comic on time. U_U I'll try my best to get the comic done on time. Also in my spare time between making comics I have added on an author page so that you can browse my artwork now and also check out links to some of my favorite sites. Lately I haven't really been head-over-heels in homework so that's why I'm going to try my hardest to get the comics done and also some other updates and bonuses to the site. The forum has been growing lately it seems like. I'd really appreciate it if more people would join though it would just make the forums more fun.

 So anyway in the new comic ... Riyu and Panja seem to be traveling to America. Panja seems hyper about the idea but Riyu seems to be bothered by the idea of going there. Also there's a distance between Riyu and her racoon brother Maro. All of these questions shall be explained in comics yet to come. Thanks so much to all of you readers out there! Your support means so much to me.

Thank you all,

Charmayne Walker (Luna)


.sunday.september 10, 2006.

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I know I know i was late with the comics this week but at least i got them posted up. I'm thinking about maybe getting a laptop because my desktop computer is kind of slow and also then i could work on comics on the go. Right now I'm on a laptop that has something wrong with the shift button. some times it works other times... it's just kinda strange. but anyway i've decided to start making creator file comics along side the normal comics as well. creator comics are going to be comics were I can hang out with my characters and things like that.

Lately i've been watching the anime Comic Party. it's strange but i've found that Kazuki and I have alot in common. Our personalities are very similar...but anyway i've been thinking about getting a job so that i won't be so boke all the time. v.v i must admit i am kind of a loser... but losers don't become losers until they win then lose. n.n that's just a saying i've come to except.

So far in the forums we have four members. I know it's lame but I can't force people to join I can only hope that people just feel like it. I don't like forcing people to do things. Everyone deserves the power to make choices...as long as the don't hurt themselves or others... and everyone should use that power and not care what other people think about the choices they make.

-Luna  Charmayne Walker


.Sunday. September 3, 2006.

  • Emotion: slightly down u.u
  • Music: Duvet [cyberia remix] - Boa (Serial Experiments Lain)

I have good news I found my sketch book. I'm really happy about that but I have to admit I am slightly down that I couldn't make this friday's comic because I lost my sketch book. Well at least I found it and now I can try my best to get every deadline. I used to update more often in the past because I didn't have to deal with school and homework but now I do which makes things a bit more difficult. But I still won't give up at least I didn't just skip the update all together... I guess filler art is better than nothing at all. I guess. u.u;



.Sunday. August 27. 2006.

  • Emotion: hopeful
  • Music: Stereo Nights - Takkyu Ishino

I am glad to announce that I have gotten the forum up and running and also that I've finally decided on comic update days. In the past I've just been updating whenever really. But now I've decided that I'll update the comic every Tuesday & Friday. Lately I've been reading this awesome webcomic called TwoKinds. It's very good you should check it out. But anyway I hope that I can make every update I'll try my best. I'm already working on the one for monday and I've decided to begin to make comics that connect together as one story (But I'll also make stand alone comics too.) I hope you enjoy the forum and be sure to check out TwoKinds to, it's awesome. Well see ya on Tuesday.

- Charmayne Walker



.Wednesday. August 23 . 2006.


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Hello and welcome to Riyu & Panja. Riyu & Panja is a webcomic (Althought you probably already figured that out.) Hm ... What to say about this strange story called "Riyu & Panja" ... well I guess it's best just to read (Which you can do by clicking on comics on the navigation tool bar)  I suppose you can tell but this site is new huh? Well I've been working on getting it active. I hope you enjoy it ^_^. Oh and by the way here's a comic that I made to introduce myself. Hope you like it.

- Charmayne Walker


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