River Summers

Stories from the Rappahannock

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River Summers: Stories from the Rappahannock

ISBN 1-4241-6695-0

Russell Francis brings to life a series of heartwarming stories

of southern life in a large loving family in the early 1950's and 60's.

His whimsical and sometimes bittersweet stories are sprinkled with

 southern history, mystery and the innocent

 adventures and mis-adventures of growing up with

dogs, frogs, and great River Summers



Born in 1953 in Richmond, Virginia, and still a proud Virginian,

Mr. Francis has always enjoyed the craft of writing,

including short stories, poems, and an occasional song.

His "Walden Pond" is the Rappahannock River in the

northern neck of Virginia.

He has remained very close to his family and river life.

His love of all things aquatic extends to more then just the

 surface of the water; he has been an avid

SCUBA diver and boater for many years.

Due to his deep appreciation and respect for the river, he knows what our

estuaries, bays and oceans can offer for future generations. 

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