Ridge Runner Canvas

Makers of Tents and Canvas Goods

Welcome to Ridge Runner Canvas. Our company has been in business since January 2003. However we have custom built tents since 1990. We would like to invite you to take a look at the tents we build and other products we carry.

Wedge Tents

Way back in 1990 when I built my first wedge tent I had a couple of civil war reenactors tell me it was the best tent they had ever slept in.  In the last several years there have been improvements to the tents to make them even better.  We have added a 16" sod cloth to the bottom. There is a double reinforced ridge with ridge pole ties to tie the tent to the ridge pole.  Our door is a full 12" over lap with staggered ties to when the wind blows the tent stays tight.  There are also ties on the inside to tie the doors to the uprights so your tent doesn't become a giant marshmallow. 


Pyramid Tents

Our pyramids are all what other people call Tall Boys.  They have plenty of head room.  They are triple reinforced in the top on the inside.  On the outside there are extra heavy straps over the peak to help reinforce it and to hang it if you use outside poles or a tree.  They also have the 16" sod cloth of our other tents and the 12" overlap on the slit door.  The slit door also ties back with an opening of about 5' wide to make it easier to get in and out of.  There are a variety of options that can go with this tent so check out the catalog.

Wall Tents

Our wall tents have all of the same improvements that we made to our wedge tents.  You will find that they are probably the most comfortable tent that you could ever sleep in during any kind of weather.  So whether you are a serious reenactor or a hunter looking for a tent to take to the deer or elk camp this is the tent for you.


We make our tipis using the Laubin patterns the most common being the Cheyenne style.  As with all our tent we tend to make improvements as we see they are needed.  So we have done so to some important places like the reinforcements and the lift flap.  We prefer to make a three piece liner but will make it anyway you like.  Also if you would prefer a tipi of Crow or Blackfoot all you have to do is call and let us know.

We make many other styles and types of tents and canvas goods and they will be added as time goes on.  So if you need a special bag or cover please feel free to email or call us with that need and we will quote you a price and be happy to make it for you.