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Home of Best in Field, Conformation Champion and Lure Coursing Field Champion Ibizan Hounds.  Find out more about us and the hounds we love.


Rhythm Ibizan Hounds is located in Michigan—just a stone's throw from the Canadian border. All our Ibizans live in the house and have a fenced-in yard to run in. We only feed premium food and shower our dogs with lots of love, attention and of course, treats!

Kristie has grown up around dogs since she was a toddler and even with her allergy to dogs, it didn't stop her from owning them. After owning several mixed-breed and small purebred dogs, she wanted a larger breed to show and train. Several months of research brought her to the elegant, athletic, goofy traits that make the Ibizan Hound. Her first Ibizan Hound was Nyra, from Paradise Ibizan Hounds in Arizona. Nyra grew to be a very showy, intense girl, so Kristie involved her in conformation, lure coursing and agility classes.


Wanting to learn more about the professional dog world, Kristie took her learning seriously and delved right into many leadership roles and committee work along with professional handling. Her list of leadership positions include:

  • Secretary - St. Clair Kennel Club
  • Board of Directors - St. Clair Kennel Club
  • 2008 Show Chairperson - St. Clair Kennel Club
  • Newsletter Editor - Ibizan Hound Club of the United States
  • Board of Directors - Ibizan Hound Club of the United States
  • Vice-President - Ibizan Hound Club of the United States
  • Co-Founder of Beezerfest (presently) - A 4-day celebration event of Ibizans

our philosophy

At Rhythm Ibizan Hounds, we intensely believe in the total dog. An Ibizan Hound (and any breed for that matter) should be able to serve the purpose it was originally bred for per the Breed Standard. Form AND function must meet. Not every dog is meant for the show ring, but should be able to serve its function. 

Every dog is raised in the house and treated like part of the family. They are heavily socialized to adjust well in almost any setting. Since Ibizans can quickly take over a house, we believe in teaching basic obedience to maintain the "pack order" in the household. This structure puts the hounds at ease knowing the human is in charge and builds a strong bond of trust. Meanwhile, they can be as goofy as they want!

Our breeding philosophy is quite conservative as we do not take the notion lightly. Much time and research is spent on pedigrees, health history, temperament types and structure before considering breeding. We only breed if we feel we can contribute something positive to the current Ibizan Hound gene pool. If not, there is no reason to breed. Both dam and sire will be thoroughly health checked (BAER, CERF, OFA Hips, Thyroid) before breeding. Puppies will be well socialized and have the normal health checks finished before going home with a family. Puppy homes are screened as we take placement VERY seriously.

Once you have a Rhythm Ibizan Hound puppy, the story doesn't end there. We believe in mentoring the owner for the life of the puppy, so both you and your Ibizan can have the best quality of life together!

the founding name 'Rhythm' (a personal story)

Rhythm Ibizan Hounds is named after the best mixed breed dog I've owned named Rhythm. She came from a shelter as a young pup and grew up with me while I was a teenager. She was a black lab/hound mix that made friends anywhere she went and loved all creatures. When I moved away from home, Rhythm had to stay with my parents. A few months later, my parents moved into an apartment that couldn't have pets, so they placed her with an older couple that could provide a nice home. That was the last I saw of her, but her memory still lives on and I honor her in all my dogs' names.