After our find at Croton Spring, we were obligated to stop at the Fossil Bone Exhibit.
Fossil Bone Exhibit

We also drove up the Dagger Flat Auto Trail, just because we felt Dad's Blazer had not had enough abuse. Here's a few of the plants that gave the road its name.
Dagger Flat

We decided to finish off our trip with a hike up the Persimmon Gap Draw Trail. The trail guide said that the trail came to a dead-end around the halfway point, but that "an unmaintained gravel trail" detours around the dry waterfall about 70 feet back down the trail. Maybe it existed when he wrote the book, but I found no trace of it. I left Dad behind while I scrambled up the hill over loose rocks and mucho nasty sharp pointy stuff to check out the rest of the trail. Here's a pic of what we missed. As the sun was rapidly setting, we skipped it and headed back down to the car. We talked to a park ranger at the end of the trail who said it had been a couple of months since anyone else had been on the trail.
Persimmon Gap Draw

Here's a view of Persimmon Peak as viewed from along the Persimmon Gap Draw Trail. I would've taken a picture of the sunset over the Chisos Mountains from here but a strong North wind had whipped up a lot of dust and you could barely see them. It also dropped the temperature about 20 degrees.
Persimmon Gap Draw

We drove into Fort Stockton that night for much needed showers at the Comfort Inn before heading over to Sarah's Cafe for dinner. It sure was nice to sleep on a level surface again! The next day it was back to Austin for Dad and on to Houston for me.
The end.

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