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How to Make a "This Is Your Life" Video

Putting it Together

  • Once you have defined your chapters, you want to sort all good photos/videos into their best respective chapter.
  • Once you insert the pictures, you want to sequence them to follow a time-based story-line or some other storyline.
  • Once you have all the good pictures in a chapter, you want to figure out how long you want that chapter to be.  Best way is to figure out what song goes best with that chapter and work backward from there.  If your ideal song is four minutes (240 seconds) long, then you will want to have anywhere from 40-80 pictures to accompany to give them a 3-6 second duration for each picture.
  • A big quality control check is to make sure you don't repeat any photo within or across chapters.
  • Save your project frequently in process.  These video software can be quite taxing on your computer and cause crashes at the worst times, so you want to save frequently to make sure you don't lose your work.
  • Inserting slides (sometimes with text side by side with a picture) is a great way to both start chapters and make some other effects.  While some software packages can allow you to do this easily, I ended up creating these in PowerPoint and saving each slide as an individual JPG file to insert just like a picture.  I set the PowerPoint template to be a black background with a font I liked and went from there.

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