Home Improvements



          Cristian and Isabela                                   Kelly                                              Mircea

BATHROOM REMODEL - Partial gutting of bathroom. Installed new tub, toilet, sink, ceiling exhaust fan, light fixtures and wall and floor tile in a small bathroom. Also repaired a crack in the wall and painted the room. This was in an approximately 50 year old house. Scott Mitchell and his team were very professional. Scott kept in contact with us, informing us when he would be delayed. The job took one week longer than the original time frame due to the holiday and a jury duty committment.
Scott also took care of replacing our kitchen ceiling, damaged due to excess water leakage and installed two new ceiling light fixtures. We were very pleased with the work that was done. - Frances, Baltimore, MD 

MASTER BATHROOM REMODEL - Scott completely remodeled a small master bathroom, and tiled my kitchen floor. I bought a foreclosure and the master bath was a disaster. Scott came in with the lowest estimate and worked with me to achieve what I wanted. He showed flexibility in the selection of tiles, appliances, etc. He provides advice where needed, and doesn't overcharge on the unanticipated extras. Scott also retiled my kitchen, and worked through a potential problem when the refrigerator wouldnt fit comfortably back into it's niche. He is attentive, easy to get along with, and professional. Both rooms are beautiful. This company is a keeper. - Patricia, Laurel, MD 

COMPLETE BATHROOM REMODEL Tore out an interior bathroom wall, existing tile wall, and bulkhead; moved the lights from the bulkhead to a wall, installed a new vanity, toilet and shower doors; replaced the door, rebuilt the closet; fixed uneven floor and installed new tile in a diagonal pattern with 2" inserts; tiled the upper portion of the shower stall. "[] Scott was doing a basement job for us and we talked with him for ideas on the bathroom. He had some great ideas on what to do and we came up with a plan to remove an internal wall, make the closet smaller and put in a larger vanity and replace the floor. The floor turned out to be more uneven than he expected and he spent extra time leveling it. The interior wall had some unexpected plumbing inside of it and so we had to modify our plan but we came up with a workable solution with a half-wall. The shower door we had purchased was too tall for the built-in surround tub/shower so Scott suggested tiling the upper wall to make it look better. We had one misunderstanding where we were gone for a week and I thought it would have been further along but Scott was very responsive and put in extra hours to get it ready in time for my mom coming to visit. Overall Scott is very, very responsive, always punctual, and extremely good-natured! If he says he'll be there, he'll be there. His creative and design ideas are very helpful and he sure seems to know a lot about all aspects of remodeling and construction. (He's done four different jobs for us so far: basement remodel, deckstairs, bathroom, and outside concrete slabs.) - Deborah and Jim, Sykesville, MD 

HALLWAY BATHROOM REMODEL "[We are] very pleased with the experience.  [Scott is] reliable, punctual, helpful in any respect.  We discovered the company using a friend referral.  We were not quite ready for remodeling but we gave it a try anyway tempted by the reasonable price.  Indeed it was a pleasant and smooth experience." - Cristian and Isabela, Ellicott City, MD 

HALLWAY BATHROOM REMODEL "Scott gutted and remodeled our entire [hallway] bathroom.  [He did] excellent work, professional all the way.  Showed up when he said he was going to, and got the job done in the time frame he outlined." - Kellie, Ellicott City, MD 

MASTER BATHROOM REMODEL "Thank you Scott for my brand new bathroom!  With the separating wall gone, the space looks twice as big and bright.  The tile looks great.  Thank you for accomodating my hectic schedule.  As soon as you have a chance I would like to start on the basement project." - Mircea, Ellicott City, MD