Relaxing Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic alternative therapy.  I do not profess to 'be a healer' - rather, I am blessed with the gift to 'do healing'. 

Independent research in the 1980's found that when the practitioner is at work, the receiver's and practitioner's brain waves are synchronized in the Alpha State, and also pulse in unison with the earth's magnetic field, called the Schuman Resonance.

The term "Reiki" means Universal Life Force and was first coined by a Japanese monk called  Mikao Usui at the beginning of the 1900s.


Who can it help?

Reiki can help anyone!  It is a healing process, and the healing can happen on many different levels, not just the physical. 

It is used in hospices - not trying to 'cure' incurable problems, but rather to help relax the client.  It can be very soothing and can help a terminally ill person to feel calmer about their situation and often results in less medication being needed.

Animals can benefit enormously from Reiki as they are more receptive psychically.

It can also help to relax stressed teenagers, new mothers, the elderly - in fact anyone who wants to experience a holistic, relaxing therapy.

You do not even have to 'have something wrong with you'.   Reiki can help you on many different levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

How is it done?

You can stay dressed.   You can sit, stand or lay down - whichever with which you are most comfortable.  It is recommended that you lay down for a full hour session, but this is not compulsory. 

To begin I skim my hands over your whole body, to get a sense of what is going on holistically.  Then I lay my hands on various areas for several minutes at a time, depending on your body's needs.   If you feel uncomfortable with actually being touched, that is fine and I can keep my hands a few inches away from your body.  Reiki can even be done remotely - across the world in fact!



What happens?

When I lay my hands on (or near) your body, you will start to feel heat or cold.  This is normal.  Sometimes you will feel the heat or cold near the area that I have my hands, rather than directly below them.

It is not unusual for you to feel hot or cold, or even begin to tremble.  You may even feel the urge to laugh, cry, sneeze etc.  These too are normal reactions.  Remember, Reiki works on many levels holistically.

I am also a trained counsellor, so rest assured, if you feel the urge to cry or pour out your pent up troubles, that is fine, I can handle it!  Confidentiality is also an important part of the way that I work. 

After your Reiki session, it is advisable for you to drink lots of water to replenish your system and to clear out the toxins that the Reiki has shifted.

At the end of the session you will probably want to sit quietly for a few minutes while your body and mind 'come back' to the real world.

You may find that just the one session is all you want.  That is fine.  You may, on the other hand, feel that regular weekly sessions are what you would like.  Personally, I think that a regular weekly one hour session would benefit anyone - I give myself Reiki daily!!! - but of course it is entirely  up to you. 

I offer Reiki in the comfort of your own home, within approx. 20 miles radius of Alton, Hampshire, UK.

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