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John Nye - Reiki Master, Poet, Native American Style Flute Player

John Nye: Reiki & More

If you found this site searching for information about the Native American Flute, please visit my new site 
This website is mostly about Reiki but you will also find information about my other activities as a player of the Native American Style Flute and as a poet. Here you can find out about me  and my latest news.
I am a Reiki Master with over four years experience of practising Reiki. 
I am available  to visit individual and corporate clients, run a programme of Reiki courses, as well as pursuing my other activities.
See what people have said about treatments with me.
If you want to know more about Reiki, this site will tell you all about what Reiki is,  what happens in a Reiki treatment, the health benefits of having a Reiki treatment and how you can learn Reiki. (Course dates can be found on my Reiki calendar.) You will also find links to articles that I have had published elsewhere on the web.
You can also find out about the Native American Flute and read some of my poetry.  You can find out more about the Native American Flute by visting my site River Spirit Flutes 
If you want further information about anything on this website, please contact me
Most of all, enjoy
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