The organization has previously undertaken and implemented programmes to the benefit society in the field of activities such as:



To create awareness of the important in the modern society of Information Communication Technology (ICT), the organization in collaboration with international NGOs, organization etc., invited international volunteers for establishment of computer laboratories, and also strengthen computer education in many institution across the country. Such beneficial institutions which are public and private includes

The organization provided volunteers from South Korea for the establishment of the computer science laboratory for the Afienya Youth Training Center in the greater Accra Region. The program was implemented with the National Youth Council under the Ministry of education, youth and employment.

Organization provided volunteers from many countries for establishment of computer science laboratories under listed constitutions

Green Hill International School                          -   Accra

Star of Suhum (SOS)                                             -   Suhum

Opoku Ware Girls Vocational Institute             -   Kumasi

Aseseeso primary and JSS                                   - Aseseeso- Akwapim

Standard Complex Education                             - Kumasi

Eno Dankor Primary/ Jss                                    - Kumasi

  International volunteers were provided to teach subject in French, Science, Maths, English etc. provision of volunteers for orphanage care services in

Kidders orphanage home                                   -           Dome- Accra

Joy Standard school                                            -           Kumasi

New world international school                         -          Kumasi

Adukrom ScondaryTechnical Institute        -           Adukrom- Akwapim



Outreach programmes in disease control in malaria tuberculosis T/B HIV has been implemented in place such as

Pantang                                                -Greater Accra Region

Aseseeso                                              -Akwapim

During Odwira Festival along towns on the Akwapim Ridge

The organization carried out national proposal report for the removal mentally handicapped person roaming the street in the country without assess to healthcare , food , shelter, etc for  rehabilitation .

A contact to local and international organizations and donors is being done for effective implementation of these programs across the country. The organization is currently implementing health education on prevention\ control of Malaria, TB\HIV in the Amenfi East District. The program is supported and funded by the global fund through the principal Receipt (PR) of the various national programs



The organization has been engaged in many intervention advocacy in a educating children, parent, stakeholders on elimination of child labour among society in various communities recently united nation world day celebrations was held at Moseaso in the Wasa Amenfi East District and of which many children etc attended and topics of elimination of worst forms of child labour such as in cocoa growing mining areas and trading were attacked and treated.

The organization recently in August 2008 visited many small-scale mining sites in the WAED for education programs and elimination of Worst forms of child labour within the mining sector.



The organization has organized membership drive in WAED and in collaboration of opportunities International a loan and save organization will be given loan to members immediately all necessary preparation is completed.



The organization provided effective support service for influx for refugees from Ivory Coast during their civil war in the country Ghana at various point in the Northern and Western boarder towns. The NGO was invited among many others which make the British Government disaster management team at the social welfare department office in Accra to deliberate on the management of future disaster in Ghana . The organization was also invited with others by the government to the castle- Osu- Accra to find solution to the recent flood victim in the three Northern and Western Regions. The NGO is a member of the disaster preventive management consortium to handle natural and man made disaster in the country.

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