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Books, articles and sermons by Kuyper on-line

The full text of Abraham Kuyper's Work of the Holy Spirit and Encyclopedia of Sacred Theology are now available on-line, thanks to the Abraham Kuyper Center of Public Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.

The Work of the Holy Spirit [from CCEL]

To Be Nearer Unto God [from Kuyper Foundation]

 Lectures on Calvinism
Six Lectures Delivered at Princeton University, 1898 under the auspices of the L. P. Stone Foundation
Available form the Kuyper Foundation in html format:

Lecture 1: Calvinism as a Life System
Lecture 2: Calvinism and Religion
Lecture 3: Calvinism and Politics
Lecture 4: Calvinism and Science
Lecture 5: Calvinism and Art
Lecture 6: Calvinism and the Future

Extracts from The Work of the Holy Spirit:

  Sermon on Sanctification

  Sermon on Sanctification and Justification

The Antithesis between symbolism and revelation


Michael Philips Church History #20 Abraham Kuyper

David Skeel Session #3 Abraham Kuyper

W. Robert Godfrey Heroes of the Faith # 07 Abrham Kuyper


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Websites and organisations related to Kuyper

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Abraham Kuyper Center for Public Theology

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Portraits of faithful saints by Herman Hanko - chapter 50 Abraham Kuyer: Dutch Calvinist

Celebrating Abraham Kuyper, Dutch Statesman-Theologian from Christian History Institute

From The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge [CCEL]

KUYPER, ABRAHAM: Dutch Protestant; b. at Maassluis (10 m. w. of Rotterdam) Oct. 29, 1837. He studied in Leyden, and was pastor at Beest (1863-68), Utrecht (1868-70), and Amsterdam (1870-74). In 1874 he became a figure in the political life of Holland, being a member of the States-General for Gonda from that year until 1877. In 1894 he was again returned to the same body for Sleidrecht, and in 1901 became prime minister. In 1880 he founded at Amsterdam the Free University, where he has since been professor, lecturing on various topics as occasion requires. In theology he is a strict orthodox Calvinist, and as such founded the Reformed Free Church in 1886. He has lectured extensively in the United States, and in 1898 was L. P. Stone lecturer at Princeton Theological Seminary. Besides editing the Standaard (a daily newspaper) since 1872 and the Herout (weekly) since 1878, he has written many works, including: Eenvormigheid, de vloeck van het moderne leven (Amsterdam, 1869); Het modernisme, een Fata Morgana op christelijk gebied (1871); Tractaat van de refomatie der kerken (1883); Het werk van den Heiligen Geest (3 parts, 1888-89; Eng. transl., New York, 1900); E voto dordraceno Toelichting op den Heidelbergschen Catechismus (4 parts, 1892-95); and Calvinism (Stone lectures, 1899). He also edited Johannes a Lasco's complete works (2 vols., Amsterdam, 1866); Kerkeraadsprotocollen der hollandsche gemeente te London, 1569-1571 (Utrecht, 1870); and F. du Jon's Opuscula theologica selecta (Amsterdam, 1882). Portions of his Encyclopaedie der heilige Godgeleerdheid (3 vols., Amsterdam, 1894) have been translated into English under the title, Encyclopædia of Sacred Theology: Its Principles (London and New York, 1898).

Bibliography: L. H. Jordan, Comparative Religion, pp. 434--435, New York, 1905; W. H. de S. Lohman, in Presbyterian and Reformed Review, ix (1898), 561 sqq.; C. A. Mason, in Outlook, lxx (1902), 333 sqq.

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