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Society of Christian Philosophers


Theology and biblical studies


Gordon Spykman's book


Social theology

John Vander Stelt Church in society (an orientation) [pdf]

Craig Bartholemew and Mike Goheen The Drama of Scripture and website


Chris Gousmett pages


Comment magazine has a series of articles on reading the Bible:

·        Reading the Bible . . . and listening for the Spirit by Vincent Bacote

·        Reading the Bible . . . and articulating a worldview by Michael Goheen

·        Reading the Bible in public by Jim Skillen

·        Reading the Bible: The Story and finding our place in it by Gideon Strauss

·        Reading the Bible like a grown-up child by Calvin Seerveld


     Craig Bartholomew et al. (eds) Scripture and Hermeneutics series:

·        Renewing Biblical Interpretation (vol 1)

·        After Pentecost:Language & Biblical Interpretation (Vol 2)

·        A Royal Priesthood (Vol 3)

·        'Behind' theText: History & Biblical Interpretation. (Vol.4)

·        Out of Egypt (Vol. 5)

·        Reading Luke (Vol. 6)



C2 Christian ethics blog

Ethics: Person, Practices and Society International Symposium


·          Family

·          Agriculture, nature and ecology

·          Education and Learning

·          Business ethics

·          Caring professions

·          Political ethics

·          Social work

·          ICT, media and mass communication


    Workshop papers:

  Andrew Basden Enrich humanist thinking

·        Doug Blomberg Teachers Living the curriculum

·        Henk Stoker The ethical dilemma of ‘unethical’ religious movements

·        Ralph Vunderink Love, power and justice

·        Bennie van der Walt A shame-/versus a guilt-orientated conscience: an explanation for difference between African and Western ethics

·        Hans Burger The significance of ‘being in Christ’ for Christian ethics

·        Harry Cook These all look to you: Darwin and Psalm 104

·        Rudi Hayward Naïve experience and differentiated practices

·        Michael Heyns The transcendentalness of the moral order

·        Yasunori Ichikawa God, man and nature in the Christian and Japanese-Shintoistic views, implications for environmental ethics

·        Ananka Loubser Nature vs culture in sustainable environmental management

·        Martin Rice Moral intuitionism: moral properties as directly perceived, non-mysterious parts of the world

·        Jonathan Chaplin Public justice as a political norm

·        Giacomo Carlo Di Gaetano The reception of reformed epistemology in the Italian philosophical context

·        Peter Stoker Christian ethic and the concept of creation

·        Danie Strauss Legal rights for plants and animals

·        Pieter Vos Educating for Autonomy: Reconstructing a Moral Ideal

·        Marc de Vries Ethics and the increasing complexity of technology

·        Albert Weidman Integrity and accountability in applied linguistics




Alan Cameron

  Dooyeweerd on Law and Morality: Legal Ethics - A Test Case. Victoria University of Wellington Law Review vol 28, no. 1, 1998, pp 263-281.

  for Justice: Church, Law and State in New Zealand.' Wellington, Dunmore Press, 1994. With Jonathan Boston (eds).

  'MacCormick's Liberal Theory of Rights.' Archiv für Rechts-und Sozialephilosophie (ARSP). No. 42, 1990, pp 133-143.


Herman Dooyeweeyd, Essays in Legal, Social and Political Philosophy (Mellen, 1997).

Herman Dooyeweerd, Encyclopedia of the Science of Law vol. 1 (Mellen, 2002).


H J van Eikema Hommes, 'The Material Idea of the Law-State,' Philosophia Reformata (1978).

H J van Eikema Hommes, Major Trends in the History of Legal Philosophy (North- Holland, 1979).


E L Hebden Taylor, The Christian Philosophy of Law, Politics and the State (Craig Press, 1969).


David S Caudill, Disclosing Tilt: Law, Belief and Criticism (Vrije Universiteit, 1989).


Art and aesthetics


Hans Rookmaaker

  Linette Martin Hans Rookmaaker: A Biography (Hodders, 1979)

  Laurel Gasque Hans Rookmaaker: An Open Life

  A brief bio and description of the Rookmaaker archives held at Wheaton college here.


On Rookmaker

  The importance of Hans Rookmaaker

  Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker (editor) The Complete Works of Hans R. Rookmaaker (Piquant, 2002/3)

  Art needs no justification (IVP, 1978) on-line version


Calvin Seerveld

Rainbows for the Fallen World, Toronto Tuppence Press, 1980

Voicing God’s Psalms (with audio CD) (2005)

In the Field’s of the Lord: A Seerveld Reader (ed Craig Bartholomew) (2000)

Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves: Alternative Steps in Understanding Art (2000)

Take Hold of God and Pull (1999)

A Christian Critique of Art and Literature (1995/1963)

On Being Human: Imaging God in the modern world (1988)

The Greatest Song, in critique of Solomon (1988/1967 & video 2001)

Seerveld's books are available from Tuppence Press (in North America) and the Christian Studies Unit (in the UK) and Piquant (in the UK)


On-line works include the following:

Gideon Strauss' Seerveld texts

·        Reading the Bible Like a Grown-Up Child

·        Biblical reflections at a conference celebrating the life-service of H. Evan Runner

·        Celebrate the resourceful woman (Proverbs 31)

·        Letter to a young artist

A Christian tin-can theory of man

Reformational Christian philosophy and Christian College  education

The flash of a fish knife

Jubilee on the job

The strategy of giving away gifts

The biblical charter for artistic activity


   On Seerveld:

    Gregory Baus Seerveld’s Hineinlebenshaltung


   Select Bibliography

Jeremy Begbie, Voicing Creation's Praise (T&T Clark, 1991).

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Lambert Zuidervaart, Artistic Truth: Aesthetics, Discourse, and Imaginative Disclosure.

Lambert Zuidervaart and Henry Luttikhuizen, eds., The Arts, Community and Cultural Democracy (St. Martin's, 2000).



Useful contacts


The Association of Christian Economists exists to encourage Christians to explore and communicate the relationship between their faith and economics and to promote interaction among Christian economists.


Faith in Business Quarterly


Select Bibliography


Donald Hay and Alan Kreider (eds) Christianity and the culture of economics (University of Wales Press,2001).


Craig Bartholomew & Thorsten Moritz eds Christ and Consumerism: A Critical Analysis of the Spirit of the Age (Carlisle: Paternoster Press, 2000).


Alan Storkey The epistemological foundations of consumption theory in economics- a critique


Dooyeweerd Ideas on business, enterprise.


Bob Goudzwaard Pages

Goudzwaard and H de Lange Beyond Poverty and Affluence Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, 1995

Bob Goudzwaard Capitalism and Progress

Christianity and economics

And now ... the north?

Globalization, exclusion, enslavement

We need a fruit tree not a tunnel

Globalization and Christian Hope with Leo Andringa




Bruce Wearne The social structure of human responsibility

Mailing list

Ilkley group


Select Bibliography

Lyon, David. Sociology and the human being. (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1985).


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Bruce Wearne Christian radical reflections



Jon Chaplin

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David Koyzis (blog)

Political Visions and Illusions (IVP, 2003).

Christianity and Liberalism: Two Alternative Religious Approaches,’ the New Pantagruel: Hymns in the Whorehouse, summer 2004, vol. 1, no. 3.

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Canadian Election Accentuates Divisions Once Again,’ Public Justice Report, July-August 1997

A Call to Reform the Canadian Electoral System,’ Public Justice Report, July-August 1997



Paul Marshall

Thine is the Kingdom (Marshalls)

God and the Constitution: Christianity and American Politics (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002).


Jim Skillen

 With or Against the World?

 In Pursuit of Justice (Rowman & Littlefield, 2004).

 International Politics and the Demand for Global Justice (Dordt College, 1981).

 The Scattered Voice: Christians at Odds in the Public Square (Zondervan, 1990).

Recharging the American Experiment (Baker, 1994).

‘Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea: Herman Dooyeweerd's Political and Legal Thought’. Political Science Reviewer 32 (2003), 318-380.

with R. McCarthy, eds., Political Order and the Plural Structure of Society (Scholars Press, 1991).

Christian politics in the 21st century

 'Political Thought in the Reformed Tradition' Transformation 14 (4) (1997): 7-10.

Select Bibliography

Alan Storkey Jesus and Politics


Oliver O'Donovan, & Joan Lockwood O'Donovan, Bonds of Imperfection: Christian Politics, Past & Present.


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Jon Chaplin and Paul Marshall. (Ed) Political Theory and Christian Vision.


Normative Foundations: The Primacy of the Will and the Problem of Law in the Thought of George Grant (O'Donovan), The Development of Herman Dooyeweerd's Concept of Rights (Witte), Toward a Comprehensive Science of Politics (Skillen). The Nature of the State:Subsidiarity as a Political Norm (Chaplin), Arendt on Polis, nation-State and Federation (Koyzis), David Mitrany's Functionalist World Order (Cooper). The State in a Plural Society: Liberalism, Pluralism and Christianity (Marshall), Public Philosophy and Religious Pluralism (Griffioen), Trudeau and the French Canadians (Hiemstra), Two Critiques of Legal Ideology (Caudill).  Political Economy: Von Mises' Economic Reductionism (Clemenger), Reconceptualizing Economics: the Contributions of Karl Polanyi (Woods), 'Is Not This Kind of Fasting I Have Chosen?' Simone Weil's Life and Labour (Selles-Roney).





Albert Weideman  Beyond Expression: A Systematic Study of the Foundations of Linguistics Paideia Press/ Reformational Publishing Project (Forthcoming)

Albert Weideman 2006. Academic Literacy: Prepare to Learn

Calvin Seerveld. 2001. Babel, Pentecost, Glossolalia and Philoxenia: No Language is Foreign to God. Journal of Christianity and Foreign Languages 2 (2001). 5-30.

Modern Foreign Languages

David Smith

with Barbara Cavill The Gift of the Stranger: Faith, Hospitality and Foreign Language Learning

'Gates Unlocked and Gardens of Delight: Comenius on Piety, Persons and Language Learning,' Christian Scholar's Review 30:2 (2000): 207-232.

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Barrett, Pooley and Ryken The Discerning Reader



Henk Aay and Sander Griffioen (Ed) Geography and Worldview: A Christian Reconnaissance (UPA, 1998)

Chapters on: Geography and the Natural Theology Imperative (Livingstone), Postmodern Epistemologies: Are we stuck with our relatives? (Ley), A Christian reading of the global economy (Wallace), Christian worldview and geography: positivism, covenantal relations, and the importance of place (Curry-Roper), God's own countries? Contours of a Christian worldview in Geography (Hoekveld-Meijer), Alien in a foreign land: Human geography from the perspective of Christian citizenship (Hoekveld), Christian worldview and geography: Christian schools in the Netherlands 1900-1960 (Aay), Perspectives, Worldviews and Structures (Griffioen). Available from CSU


Henk Aay Dooyeweerd’s spatial modality and its implications for Geography


Henk Aay Geography’s cultural landscape school: a Reformational reading



Paul Otto's homepage (not used at present)

Reformational Cliosophy


Logic and critical thinking



Ian Ridgway (2006) 'A Disclosing model of psychotherapy' [pdf]

Ian Ridway (2006) 'Circumambulating interpersonal sensitive disclosure therapy using rational emotive behavious therapy' [pdf]


The Network of Christians in Psychology (NeCIP) is a UK-based organisation for Christian professional and student psychologists in academic and applied settings


Christian psychology forum


Select Bibliography


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Macht’s Philosophy of technology website


Egbert Schuurman: [Schuurman Pages]

·  Technology and the Future: A Philosophical Challenge (Wedge, 1980)

·  Perspectives on Technique and Culture

·  Faith and Hope in Technology (Clements, 2003)

·  The Technological World picture and an Ethics of responsibility: Strugles in the Ethics of Technology (Dordt, 2005)


·  Beyond the empirical turn

·  The ethics of technology

·  Philosophical and technological problems of technicism and genetic engineering

·  Technology, genetic manipulation and the future

·  Ethics of responsibility


Select bibliography


Steven V. Monsma Responsible Technology (Erdmans, 1986)


Natural science

Pascal centre

Science in Theistic Contexts

Facets of Faith and Science book

Martin A. Rice Jr. What is a science? in Contemporary Reflections on the Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd ed. D. F. M. Strauss and M. Botting (Edwin Mellen Press, 2000)





Elaine Storkey, Origins of Difference: The Gender Debate Revisited (Baker, 2001)

Elaine Storkey, What's Right With Feminism? (Third Way)

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Social science

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Philosophy and the Bible


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