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Red Branch Bulldogges




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The name “Red Branch Bulldogges” comes from ancient Irish Gaelic literature. In medieval times, the King of northeast Ireland, formed an order of elite warriors called the Red Branch Knights to protect Conchobar.  They were trained to be the strongest, wisest and most noble, loyal, and heroic of men.





Although the stories surrounding these men are mostly fictional and exaggerated, we strive to produce a bulldogge with the above desirable qualities coupled along with the ability to "turn it off" and be a loving stable calm pet. 



We breed for function, temperament and form by combining quality studs and dams with proven puppy rearing and brain-stimulating socialization techniques to produce the most functional, stable and well adjusted bulldogge possible while adhering to the standard of the IOEBA and WBA.






We offer:
3 year Genetic Defect Health Guarantee
Veterinary Check-Up
Shots / Deworming
 Registration Papers (IOEBA & WBA)
 Membership to Private Web Board
Lifetime Obedience Lessons, Support, Training and Socialization