Red Clay Studios

Stop motion battles

Below is the first of our many soon to come stop motions. They take a very long time to make and contain a massive amount of pictures (around 2000) so any comments are appreciated. The stop motion below was made about four months ago and is pretty oddly done. Still we hope you enjoy the first of our posted videos. 

Revenge of the Swordman

The next instalment of our stop motion stuff. It featues a modified king Takashi, 3 shadow knights and Vladek.

When Skeletons atack

The third instalment (and last for a while) of our video series with Three days grace I hate everything about you as background music. Enjoy!!!


(Yes that is the way the title is soupposed to look) Da da da da daaa... This is the newet of our videos. This is the first in a three part series and is super funny so enjoy and expect more soon.