Red Clay Studios

Red Clay Studios

Hey, and welcome to Red Clay Studios. Here you can find various battles, weapons, cool  objectives, as well as cool locations you may want to incorporate into your own  battles. All battles, stop motion videos and various cool things have been brought to you by and are exclusively the property of Red Clay studios, that is to say, Adam and Daniel. All armies not in control of said Adam and Daniel are most likely controlled by a mysterious third party referred to from here on in as "Matt".

About us

We (Red Clay) discovered the wonders of Brikwars approximately a year ago (today's date: January 02, 2008) and are proud to announce our first completed game ended on this day. This game is currently being recorded and formatted into a battle report, which will be viewable under the name "Armageddon". All games following this one are set in an alternate universe, due to the simple fact that the universe this one was set in has been destroyed. The other universes may look similar or nearly identical to the first one: Do not let this fool you. They are, in fact, a separate universe.


Updates and possible upcoming attractions.

 New field: We've grown older, and tired of our field. We haven't grown richer, but that may change. New parts will be coming and a revamp for a more generic and awesome field may be occurring during the summer.

 Possible creations page - Once I/we have time, I/we will be uploading a creations page to add to this site. It will include army strategies, weapons, devastating creatures, awesome architecture (for those into that kind of stuff... Namely me and Dan, but still), etc.


January 02, 2008 - Armageddon completed, first battle report.

June 04, 2008 - Division by Zero complete, second battle report.