Recovery and Healing© Wellness Program

                                           You just took charge of your life, how do you feel?


Where do I start?


By making the call you have done 50% of the hard work. You reached out. The next thing we need to do is to make a time to meet up. You pick the time and place that works for you. By doing this you’re taking charge of your personal journey

There are people who need to be in a treatment center and this is part of my services I offer in finding you the best place to go. Many of my clients prefer to work with me privately this is why I created my Recovery and Healing wellness program for individuals and families can benefit by all being involved in the process

Once we meet, I give you a brief written outline of my program and talk about what has brought us together. We look at your options, both to yourself and the people around you and see what the next step to take is

If we agree on what works best for you we then talk about cost and can you afford my services at this time. Our first meeting is always free (depending on location) any future meetings there will be a cost.

I have 3 levels of service for people struggling with addictions 1 month 3 month 6 month. The price I charge is 500-1500$ per person.  I only work with 5 people for 6 months at any given time. By doing this I can provide a more personal service for each one of my clients.

Prices will vary depending on the individual’s needs, location and services. It’s not a one price fits all program that I offer; these prices are based on a long term care. For example; some people just want to buy my program or just want me to come over and talk to a loved one. I will not say no and will charge accordingly for my time 250-500$


*Workshops and Motivational speaking are done on a needs basis


When dealing with anyone who has an addiction it takes time and during that time trust is built up and we all get better results. The best thing to do is call, we will find a solution together.


I could no longer live this way, my wife was killing herself each day our family was broken. I called Robert and we sat down for coffee and I explained my situation to him. Our next meeting was at our home. Robert told me to tell my wife he was coming there would be no surprises. The next week we all sat around and talked about what were really the issues here. Within 2 hours my wife was in a detox center for a week. When she got out Robert was there waiting to pick her up and took her to a treatment center. He knew that she needed to be away from us. It was hard but it was needed. It’s been 5 years since that day. Robert worked with us for 6 months after my wife went to treatment for 30 days. We knew it was not enough time. It was very scary to ask for help but once we did things moved fast.

The smith family