Recovery and Healing© Wellness Program

                                                         My Philosophy


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I have a very simple philosophy, I like to keep things simple and to the point. There are always possibilities! And if you wish to stop the conflicts in your life, if you truly wish to have balance back,


What are you prepared to do?

The Recovery and Healing wellness Program that I have designed is for people who need and want to change, but have not found the motivation or the means to do it. All with realistic expectations and a no nonsense approach


What is a holistic approach?

(not a 12 step program)

A holistic approach is based on the four things that make up a human being; it’s not about finding religion or hugging a tree, its finding the cause of the life event (if any) that created this conflict or addiction in your life. Learning to understand the core issues dealing with them. It's all about finding a healthy balance that works for you, so you no longer live in fear of living a good and healthy life.

                                                                  ·         Mental (how you think)

                                                                  ·         Emotional (how you feel)

                                                                  ·         Physical (how you act)

                                                                  ·         Spiritual (the experience of all three)

If you think in a negative way then you will feel negative and that is how you will act; the experience of how you think feel and act will be negative. The same thing will happen once you change the way you think to a more posative and healthy way. By dealing with your present situation. The Recovery and Healing Wellness Program is based in this philosophy. By dealing with any life event with truth and honesty you will get the results you need to better your life.

I am offering you my knowledge and experience, from working in this field of helping people for over 15 years. The program that I offer is for people who want to change their lives and to help themselves to deal with  conflicts that lead to unhealthy choices. In the end choices are made, with realistic expectations to help stop the unhealthiness! 

“Drugs and alcohol have always been a part of my life. I was married to a great woman and lost not only her but my kids as well. I found one of Roberts’s cards and decided to call him. We went out for coffee and talked about my life. By the end of our conversation we were laughing and he made me feel better about myself and showed me the difference between stopping and quitting. It was not easy asking for help but working with Robert and his wellness program I soon realized that I had some serious choices to make. It took allot of hard work on my part and eventually I reconnected with my kids. I knew what I had to do and that was to stop saying sorry all the time and prove it with my actions I was serious. Today I have worked hard on my sobriety and proud of who I am. Thank you Robert for your support and hard work”