Recovery and Healing© Wellness Program

                                             Getting to know a few important facts


Conflicts lead into unhealthy choices!

How does a conflict lead into unhealthy choices? The reason you have a conflict is because something is out of balance in your personal life, an event in your life may or may not have caused the unbalance; Not everything has to do with your past. Some people just make the wrong choices at times then get caught up in it. And by not dealing with your conflicts in a healthy way they eventually turn into an addiction by being addicted to the conflict. Basically you just keep digging yourself deeper into a hole

·         You have always had the choice

When some people get deep into their addiction they feel that they are a victim and never had the choice. There is always a choice when dealing with addictions and it’s never too late to get clean and sober. It’s never too late to take your life back. If you want to drink and take drugs you will find the money and make the time. Put 10% of that energy into your recovery and I will guarantee you success


·         You’re not crazy

When a family is dealing with addictions some people become so complacent that they actually think they are the problem. They become beaten down and eventually will do anything just to find peace, even if it’s for a short period of time. I will tell you right now you’re not crazy and have every right to stand up for your sanity. If you feel that your loved one has an addiction problem because of their behaviour then do something about it; trust your instincts in this matter and ask questions and inform yourself about what you can do.

   ·      Alcohol/drugs are a depressant! 

Many people deal with conflicts through the use of drugs or alcohol. Prescription medication kills more people than cocaine and heroin combined today in North America. People will use drugs/alcohol and over prescribed prescription medication to deal with a situation rather than dealing with it in a healthy way. It's more easy to self medicate than face the reality of your situation. Some people need to be on medication, but not all people need to be medicated. Some prescription medication will just numb the senses to not feel anything to zone out of reality. That is how some people get addicted, so in that way not to deal with the reality of their situation

· Finding and asking for help there is a higher success rate if you make a commitment to change!

Putting your head in the sand and avoiding the situation either at home or at work will cause more problems tomorrow than today! Fear keeps us living in denial, for some of us; it's just to have a sort of peace. (If I give in it will go away) the energy used if far greater than the energy needed to make a positive change.By having a third party to intervene it takes away the stress of helping to making healthy choices     

Just by thinking and asking yourself is there a problem, and then making that call, your rate of success jumped 100% it’s that first thought that will define who and what you are. Each day when you think about reclaiming back your personal life either from conflicts/addictions, low self-esteem, and unhealthy choices you will succeed!

When you’re not motivated you will become trapped in a cycle, this will prevent you from keeping in balance, moving forward in anything you wish and know you must change. If you are trapped in the cycle of conflicts/addictions, bad relationships, low self-esteem Positive motivation no matter how small the effort it will make a change in your life for the better. Studies have shown that a person using positive motivation in a healthy way will get results.

I was one of those people who thought it could never happen to me. So I kept on the party life and used and abused my drugs and alcohol and I loved it. Until the day came I was fired from my job. When I got home Robert was waiting for me with my family. I knew right away this was serious. It did not take long before I woke up with Roberts help, and today I am 5 years clean and sober


    · Being bullied as a youth has lifelong consequences!

People who have been bullied in their youth have a greater chance of becoming bullies themselves in the future; dealing with victims of bullying should be dealt with in a positive motivational way and addressed to all people involved in a healthy way. To end this cycle there must be acountability to all who are involved, and then make tough choices to better the situation!

   ·      1 in 5 teens use their parents or friends prescription medication to get high

The new drug of choice for teens these days is prescription medication, it’s legal and easy to obtain each teen wants to fit in and for some teens the best way is through drugs. People need to understand the long term effects of prescription medication, when used properly and for the right reason they can be a great help to the right person and for the right reasons. Misused they can cause present and future health problems and in some cases even death

   · Not all addictions are drug and alcohol related

for some people being trapped in an abusive relationship, having low self-esteem, anxieties, being unmotivated, depression, fear of success and just making unhealthy choices are all concidered addictions. The reason is they never change and it brings a person to a different level of being. "Your personal conflict will dictate your choice of addiction"

·         Prevention and awareness are powerful tools

Educating yourself about your situation is a key factor in dealing with it; too many parents don’t want to bring up “the talk” to their kids about drugs and alcohol. Then one day they are left with no choice but to deal with it. It is a serious reality in today’s fast pace society that these things exist and are a daily reality in our kid’s lives

   ·      Finding the right program is paramount

Once you realize that you have a choice, and have the courage to change your present situation, it's so important that you take the time to find the right program that is best for you and your families needs. there are allot of good programs out there but not all programs are good for your personal situation. Based on your personal need and wants think outside of the box, find a program that will suit your needs first and foremost. ask questions to the people who offer you there services; do they have life experience? have they ever had an addiction? what is their educational back ground? how long have they been in buisness? what is their success rate? what kind of programs/services do they offer?  




             Knowledge and experience is key to understanding conflicts/addictions

There are many things that keep us in conflicts and unhealthy choices; Being unmotivated having low self-esteem always feeling angry not only at the world but our self. The deeper questions that need to be answered are: What caused the feelings of being unmotivated? What caused the feelings of low self-esteem? What about fear and anger? How do we stop these unhealthy choices that cripple us each day? How can I improve my life both at home and at work? Why do teenagers experiment with drugs? most of the time it's out of peer pressuer and just want to fit in

If there is a problem only you can do something about it!

Prevention is another key to help stop the conflicts/addictions. I strongly believe in family & friends working together to end the cycle before it turns into an addiction situation. If you think your family member will not love you or leave you because you stood up to them you may be right, A person acts out for a reason; and is some cases that person is trying to tell you something is wrong in their life. By standing up to them in a healthy way not only will it better their lives but yours as well.


“I was sexually abused as a young girl and so were other members of my family. It was devastating. Years of addictions finally took their toll on us and my brother took his own life. My husband got involved and made the call to Robert. I was very resistant to him but when he told me he understood what I was going through and my family by sharing his own story of abuse I felt very comfortable. We worked together for almost 6 months and found the right tools I needed to accept and forgive myself. Last year was my 8 year sobriety and Robert came to my celebration. He told me I don’t have to live in fear anymore and he was right.”