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  Who is Robert Jones?


I designed the Recovery and Healing Wellness Program to help people. It’s based on life experience, working and volunteering with people from different and unique cultures, different organizations. It comes from a place of knowledge when dealing with a crisis or traumatic life event. I learned through years of personal healing that not every program is right for everyone. Men and woman have different needs when it comes to their own personal healing journey. Its what motivates each of us to find what we need.

It was terrifying to wake up one day and realize that I was an alcoholic. My life was so out of control I was living alone because my wife threw me out. I found one of Roberts’s cards and it took almost a month before calling him. We met for coffee and from there we started a plan. I bought his wellness program and we worked it together over time. He even gave me 25 of his motivational posters to put in my apartment. It’s been 3 years now and I forgave the people who abused me so I can live a happy life. Thank you Robert for saving my life


Together we design a healthy program thats right for the individual and their family. Working together to find the healthy solutions to your present situation. yes there will be some tough choices to make. And we will make them together. Enjoy the journey 


·         16 years of sobriety

·         12 years Recovery and Healing Wellness Program (development and facilitator, counsellor)

·         8 years working for drug and alcohol treatment centers (program facilitator, counsellor, intervention specialist)

·         volunteering for corrections Canada (workshops and special events, counselling)

·         12 years volunteering for community organizations (woman shelters, family services, schools, employment centers)

·         8 years intervention specialist

·         15 years working with family’s to help end the cycle of addiction abuse

·         12 years motivational speaker

·         University educated

·         Certified non violent crisis intervention

·         bilingual

What do you need to do to better your life?



 I turned my life experience into my advantage. Each of us hides a secret pain; no matter who you are when it comes to addictions. I was sexually abused by family members at a young age. I eventually went into foster care for about 6 months. During that time the abuse continued by a child psychologist and members of the staff. I did eventually come home but the abuse and violence continued. Before I was the age of 18 I was an alcoholic and into self destruct mode. The road of addictions eventually took me to jail and then homeless living in my truck. When I finally hit my rock bottom I allowed the right people into my life to help me. I am very grateful for the life I have lived and learned to forgive myself and then forgive those who ever hurt me. Enjoy the journey


 "I love my kids but I was unable to stop the drama. There was no drug or alcohol problem. I asked Robert for help in this conflict. He sat down with my wife and myself and was very hard and direct. We came to the realization that we as parents were the problem and that we never gave our kids any kind of consequences for their actions. We both realized that we were enablers and being part of the problem not the solution. Soon we started to say and take responsibility for our action. It was not easy at first but with Roberts help over the past year things are going good today"

Margret and Scott