Recovery and Healing© Wellness Program

                                     What have you done today to better your life?



Helping you to get motivated to help yourself for over 15 years

What is stopping you right now from getting to where you need to be in your life? Is it drugs or alcohol? Could it be low self-esteem or confidence? Maybe it could be I just don’t know? The Recovery and Healing Wellness Program is the right and affordable program for you. It does not just focus on addictions it’s a holistic approach when dealing with a personal conflict that affects your ever day well being

"There is a difference in the outcome of knowing there is a problem and actually doing something about it"


"What should I do"? Everything starts with a question. Do I need an intervention? Will a treatment center work for me and my budget? I can afford a treatment center but can’t take the time off work. How will my family feel once they learn the truth about why I became an alcoholic or drug addict? I think my family member has a problem what are the steps needed to do something about it? I want to know what’s available to me and my personal situation. How do I get out of this slump in my life? I am just not motivated

“I was drowning in addiction and a friend told me about Robert and his wellness program. I took a chance and called him. Right away I felt in charge of my life after our first meeting. He met our family and right away formulated a plan to not only help me but my family as well. It took several months of hard work but it was worth it. Robert stood by me and my family. It’s been 4 years now since I have been clean and sober”


It takes great courage to change your life when you know that a healthy choice must be made. The Recovery and Healing wellness program is that choice that works with you to find solutions. This program is to help motivate you; and to understand why there are conflicts in your life and the solutions that are available to you right now

What are the benefits of using the Recovery and Healing© wellness program

(For drug and Alcohol addictions)

There is a difference between “wants and needs” when it comes to addictions we all know what we want to do, but the first thing is to find the courage to get what we need. Not everyone needs to be in a treatment center that has an addiction problem. For this reason I created the Recovery and healing wellness program for people who want to better their life

Each person is unique in their own way, so should be their Recovery and Healing wellness program. 1 month 3 month 6 month private and individual programs are offered depending on a needs basis


Family and individual counselling

· Understanding each other’s roles in their personal lives

· Taking responsibility for the individual first in a family dynamics

· Understanding each other’s needs and wants ( Breaking the silence) 

· Better communication skills (talk to each other not at each other)

· How to be part of the solution not part of the problem

· Finding what are the best options for you and your family (Dealing with the addiction)

· Personalized wellness program


When dealing with any form of addiction it's paramount to finding a healthy solution. My role is to find the cause of the conflict that lead to the present addiction; Then designing a healthy program with realistic expectations for both the individual and family. The Recovery and Healing wellness Program can be a healthy benefit to solving your personal conflict and help you to find healthy and better choices to deal with it. Using a holistic approach in any family dynamics it will show how unbalanced some people can become over time. Together we find healthy solutions to benefit all members of the family. This is not an easy time for any family dealing with addictions that may have turned into some unhealthy choices, but there are always solutions

Drug and Alcohol Intervention (this is reality; not TV)

· Understanding the effects of drug and alcohol abuse on the individual and family

· Dealing with the reality of the situation (Knowledge is power)

· Finding resources (what works best for your individual situation)

· Taking responsibility both for the individual and family

This service that I offer is for families that are dealing with a drug or alcohol related family member. It is a very powerful way of dealing with the present situation; but will only work if all member of the family are willing to make the tough choices. My Recovery and Healing Wellness Program is the healthy way to deal with this situation. Straight forward and to the point together we will make the tough choices that need be made, the drama will end once the family chooses to end it. this is done with realistic expectations and a realistic way  



                                             After care and wellness program


·         Follow up

·         Healthy resources

·         Positive contacts

·         Individual and family support

·         On call

This part of the Recovery and healing wellness Program is finding a healthy balance, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each person is unique and different, that is why the maintenance and wellness part of the program is a vital resource that is needed in any aftercare program. Once the individual is clean and sober they need to stay that way. Getting the person to this point is easy; keeping them that way is the hard part. Based on proven results when the individual is motivated to change and has no one enabling them anymore; A positive change will come and that will in turn benefit all. 



“I knew there was a problem but was very scared to do anything about it. I called Robert and he met me at work. We talked about how to deal with my addictions to alcohol he made it very clear what was needed. I first needed to go into a detox center before I died. Later Robert worked his wellness program with my family as I attended a 3 month treatment center that he found for me. With his no BS approach he took charge of my situation and it was dealt with. It was not easy at first but soon I realized I was the solution to my problem. It has been 3 years now and Robert is still available for coffee to chat and offer his support. If I can do it anyone can”