A.A Meeting Schedule

Stanly Co.-Albemarle N.C.

Stanly Co A A meeting schedule

aaschedule.txt printable schedule of Stanly Co meetings

Students & Teachers

Students are welcome at open meetings.Please do not come to closed meetings because we will ask you to leave and come back on the nights we have open meetings.
Teachers,if you want some AA meeting schedules or pamphlets for your class,please call Tom H 704-719-6876 or email Tom at  sober8688@aol.com
Volunteers are available to come speak to class about AA also.

The Stanly Unity Group

Tuesdays-AA Hut-8:00 P.M.         Closed -Big Book Study & Beginners Meeting

Wensdays-AAHut-8:00 P.M.         Closed -12x12 Step and Tradition Book Study & Beginners Meeting

Fridays -AA Hut-8:00 P.M.     Open Speaker Meeting

Sunday AA Hut - 8pm open discussion meeting

High Noon Meetings

AA Hut -12:00 Noon

Everyday except Sunday

Closed Discussion except Thursdays,which is a open meeting

Monday Night Womens Group

Monday-AA Hut-7:30 P.M.

Women only-Big Book Study

Closed Big Book Study and Discussion

Thursday night beginners meeting 8 pm

AA Hut Directions-located in Rock Creek Park,Albemarle,NC 110 Rock Creek Park Drive,Albemarle,NC 28001