Realm Of Honour

Exsisto Per Veneratio

Realm of Honour

We are located on Emerald server in teleport 1 room 73.

We share our room with

Order of Honor, The Ancients, and Dragonhunters

We are not a clan but rather a community of members who believe in honour. We are teachers and defenders. Our purpose is to help the newer players with any questions they might have and to help all players sharpen their fighting techniques. We believe in defending the weak and using our strength for honour.

Our members are found in many clans, on all servers, and in different rooms.  We are mentors, guides, trainers and defenders, there to help in finding a scroll or practice your fighting techniques. Our knights will fight to uphold honour, defend the weak and prevent injustice.You need only ask for our help and we will be there by your side. We welcome all levels, genders, nationalities and ages. Our community has a strong bond which has withstood the test of time. This is our home!


Our motto is "Exsisto per Veneratio" which means "Be with Honour." We want your entire experience to be filled with honour. Whether you are searching in the dungeons, killing a dragon or fighting a battle - honour above all!


We believe in equality and fairness.  All clans are welcome to train with us or ask our help in their quests. We have friends on all servers and clans, from all countries, from both sexes and all age groups. We do not allow clan fighting while training.

We believe chivalry is not dead. Everyone needs help at some time and we are here to share our collective knowledge.

We believe that any language is intended to communicate - not to insult or degrade. This means we never use crass, vulgar or bad language and only speak the truth, not gossip.

We believe in nobility and valor - which means we never start raids nor leave our friends defenseless.

On the battle field of honour (1 vs 1), we stand and present our arms - which means we ASK for the fight first. We do not randomly hit players.

We use each fight as a learning experience - which means we point out our opponents' strengths and offer hints for their weaknesses.

We accept victory with grace and defeat with dignity - which means we don't taunt or name call afterwards nor do we double team or seek revenge if we lose. Remember, no one wins all the time.


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