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Current Realm Version: 3.217
1/3/08 - I created a Realm Online Minicity. Click the following links to help develop it (one action allowed per person per day).
Increase Population -
12/6/07 - Main Server Update
Vulcan Edge and Defender
The Vulcan Edge has been given a level requirement of 100, and the Defender a level requirement of 150. This is to balance the improved battling capabilities offered by shields since their improvement. These items have also been made more accessible to the players that would be using them.
A-Mazing Mastery
The Maze Master is no longer the hot property he used to be; in fact he does not do fire damage when attacking anymore.
11/20/07 - Main Server Update
Pumpkins Lighter
As requested, pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are returning to their original weights until next festival. This should allow people to once again store and manage their pumpkin collections with relative ease.
Uncharted Territory Fixes
The lake that features in the uncharted territory and Emerald Forest has been corrected to stop inadvertent swimming disasters leaving people trapped with no way out of the water.
A Brief History of The Realm Online
In honor of Realms upcoming 3.x 10th anniversary, I decided to time line the milestones in its history (to be edited and added as I gain info).
12/31/96 - Realm open beta officially ends, beginning of version 2.0.
11/19/97 - Realm 3.0 officially opens.
11/27/97 - Realm is wiped due to transition and exploits, known as the Thanksgiving Massacre.
5/24/99 - The Realm gold audit. Total wealth is reduced from 1,788,603,016,160 to 139,395,102,024 worth of gold, mana and items.
11/2/99 - Realm is transferred to Codemasters.
7/18/03 - Realm is transferred to Norseman Games.
11/8/07 - Main Server Update
Festival Additions
Realm citizens will be pleased to hear another budding young farmer has prepared his fields and opened shop especially to help with the pumpkin collections. Citizens can make their way to Murias to make use of the new patch.
Also, a special something has been provided somewhere that will only be special during the festival period. Just a hint: Do not allow monsters to overtake otherwise peaceful areas in this festival period!
Those engaging in the Monster Bash fights may also like to hear that there is a specially prepared prize that may be found. Just follow your nose, Mmmm!
Artisan's Statuettes Missing
A top artisan of Asgard has reported loss of a shipment of finely crafted Golden Statuettes that were bound for high society buyers. Those looking for these statuettes may be helped by checking out the strangely similar selection of new Golden Statuettes available for coppers from the Swap N Shop.
Town guards are mystified as to the whereabouts of the missing statuettes. However Swap N Shop has been very helpful by providing examples.
11/6/07 - Main Server Update
Festival of Souls 2007
This year's Harvest Festival is about to begin, and shopkeeps around the land are already preparing for the festive period. Those citizens skilled in pumpkin carving have opened up shop at the pumpkin farms, ready to accept willing adventurers looking for the latest in pumpkin fashion.
This year mages have given a little boost to pumpkin candles, with some rather colourful results!
Dragon Pit Status 2
This week has seen more work on the Dragon Pit version two. We have completed initial design on the new loot scheme, and a review of the plans revealed some minor tweaks are still necessary. Testing of these tweaks is set to begin around the work and fun of the festival.
10/30/07 - Main Server Update
Uncharted Territory
Recent storms have caused quite a stir near Caer Fandry. After a particularly bad night last night it appears the mists have receded to the west of Emerald Forest. This land has yet to be explored, but appears to be home to cousins of the Gargoyles that invaded our fair Realm in the misguided attacks of many moons ago. The storms are still ongoing, and the town guard fear further disturbances near this new landmass, but are hopeful of more land revealing itself in the future.
Keep an eye out of the website as you explore the new area faithful citizens, as there will be a chance to make a permanent impact on this fair land of The Realm in the near future!
Dragon Pit Status Update
Dragon Pit was not ready for this update, but we shall give you a status update.
We have already tinkered with the dungeon layout. Explorers should expect to no longer need to do the ooze fights in the new look dungeon. However the hatchery and library have been reformed to balance things out. The new layout should have a significant time reduction for completion the old times of 6 or 7 hours to clear the whole place should now be more like 4 or 5. Loot within the dungeon still needs to be completed, along with final tweaks to the new look Dragon Pit.
Location, Location, Renaming
Ratling Run has been renamed as East Havenwood, so that new players can see a more logical step to the anti-clockwise route around Leinster to get their first few levels. Now you only need follow the compass.
10/23/07 - Main Server Update
Fashion Storm
Reports suggest a brand new and rare coloured shirt has been developed. However the person responsible has yet to announce themselves or reveal their secret, instead pasting advertisements for their own brand of clothing in many towns. Town guards are unable to stop this monopoly, but assure us that this limited edition clothing will find an audience amongst the elite, looking for something to show off their wealth with.
Bug Fixes
All Dragon Pit Only items which were displaying traits not in keeping with their descriptions have had these traits altered to bring them in line with their original programming. This includes all Sorcery and Mysticism bonuses and the Mysticism resistance from the Shield of Infinite Thought.
Also, spawns of the new magical pants/greaves have been increased as they did not meet expectations.
Dragon Pit Revamp
Dragon Pit has been closed pending a revamp. We will be adjusting the dungeon to reflect a more healthy challenge and timescale required to complete, as well as redoing the treasure/rewards in accordance with feedback from the Realm online community. The revamp is a high priority update and we expect Dragon Pit to reopen very shortly.
10/16/07 - Main Server Update
Supply Stores Raided
It appears the long closed supply stores dotted around Realm have attracted the attention of numerous monsters. These fiends have looted the shut storages, making off with various metal and fabric supplies. Citizens are free to reclaim these resources by any means necessary - and in reward keep the supplies for their own use.
Squirreled Away
Those pesky rodents and their mice cohorts are being disabled for the duration of the Harvest Festival this year. They won't even show their little furry faces the whole time.
Ghoulish Treat
The not-so-humble ghoul seems to have had a makeover. Whether it is the result of the summer heat, or some new foul magic, all the ghouls appear more rotten, and more distinguishable from their undead brethren.
Remember to keep an eye out for any other changes or additions, as not everything will be listed here every time!
10/9/07 - Main Server Update
Festival of Souls
This year's Harvest Festival, the Festival of Souls, is being prepared for this month. Though the exact dates and times are still top secret, a number of preparatory additions have been added in this update. With all this preparation, it can only mean the festival is not that far off.
You may notice that all existing Jack-o-lantern pumpkins have had a slight upgrade to their looks, to bring their appearance more inline with other Realm artwork, and prepare you for the all new selection that will be available this year.
Thieves' Mask
Yes, it's true. It is ready, and it is out there. Good luck to all hunters of this new rare helmet. But that's not all, there are other secret goodies that aren't mentioned in this What's New, and you'll need to keep an eye out over the next few weeks and months for more finds.
Dragon, or Wyrm?
For clarity to new customers, all Baby Dragons are now correctly named as Wyrms. This avoids the conclusion of having both hatchlings and babies running around - both being called Dragon, but both very different!
New Login
It's been a while, and that old login screen was looking a little tired. We've updated the login to match the default look of the website, and continue the Realm Celtic-esque theme that binds our world together aesthetically.
Bug Fixes
A number of bug fixes and balances have been implemented to ensure the smooth running of The Realm Online. This includes a fix to the Battle Command list skin, which will make life easier for our custom skin builders!
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