Realm 4 Newbs

Welcome To Realm 4 Newbs!

Greetings and welcome to The Realm Online! We're all so happy you could join us in our adventures through this fantastical land filled with dragons and faerys, trolls and knights and so much more.

My name is BloodWynne and I can typically be found on channel 4.  I'm a returned to the game oldtimer who has always had an interest in helping new players learn their way around this fascinating world.  I've put this site together to help new players with some basic information.

The first channel you will find yourself on is Channel 4 - The Game Help Channel. Please don't be shy when you come in. Channel 4 is filled with lots of wonderful people who will be more than happy to chat, answer questions or occasionally even give you a welcome present. Introduce yourself and start getting involved in the friendliest community on the net!

Other sites of particular interest are Realm Server, Realm Oracle , RealmHQ and Vera's Realm Pages.

I will be keeping the site up to date, and adding things people want. So if you dont see something you think belongs here, let me know!

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