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I collect pack certified autos, Vintage, Mantle and Messier cards

To e-mail me:

Please feel free to e-mail me at with trade offers. 

Greetings fellow traders. I'D LIKE TO START BY SAYING my personal autograph collection is not for trade. The link is listed for my personal use and your viewing pleasure. My photobucket is designed for my personal use as well. I do not list cards for trade on there.. If we make a trade I can provide scans if necessary.  I enjoy collecting cards and am a member of several trading sites.  Some of my favorites are The Bench, Trading Bases,  Rusty Soap Traders,  and Card Trading fools. I'm also a member of E-bay and references for me can be found at any of these places. I send my cards promptly and will expect you to do the same. I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you don't like what I sent you can send it back. 

I generally don't buy cards, however if you have any HOF autos I need, I may do so.

I have 3 overall goals in card collecting. The first is to get an autographed card of every member of the baseball hall of fame. Second is GET ONE OF EVERY PRE 1970 Mickey Mantle card AND THIRD IS TO COMPLETE ALL MY SEE THRU INSERT SETS.

Lastly, if I have something you want but you can't hit my want list, send me an e-mail and I'll see if we can work out something to help you with your collection.  I do have one other request. When making a trade offer, ask yourself this question: Would you make the trade if you were me? If the answer is yes go ahead and make the offer  if no then don't. 

Thanks for the read and happy trading. 





Grand Slam Traders

I would like to put in a plug for some of my favorite trading partners as well. To be a grand slam trader we need to have completed at least 4 trades and they had to all be A+ type deals both ways. Folks, you can't go wrong trading with any of these supurb traders: (PS if you have a problem with the e-mail addy of any of these great traders let me know as I don't update them often).. BTW just click on their black boxes below to send them e-mails directly..

Steve Welborn- Yankees, Yankees and more Yankees. Especially Mantle and Mantle era stuff. Also collects hall of famer items cards memorabilia ect. Steve has the best trading selection around and sold me 6 cut auto's of HOFers to boot. oh yeah, also collects YANKEES!! lol

Marv Bunch- A fellow Maddux collector. Please give me first shot at your Maddux cards before Marv gets them... Marv's a great guy.

Ron Altman: Collects Maddux, Bonds, Chipper, Ripken and Griffey.

Thad Henry:  Thad is a bigtime Lemieux and Penguins Trader

Jim Mona:  Jim likes to trade his hockey cards for baseball stars, but when trading with Jim you never know how it will end up till it's done. He's a great trader.

Zach Newberry: Zack is in college, he's a great trader collects Chipper, LeClair and several other players. Make sure your cards are mint going out, cause Zack wants them perfect. You get that in return.

Clint Balint: Clint likes hockey insert cards in general and game used, autos and Penguins cards in particular.

Howard Millman: Howie likes the Broncos and the Devils  

Ben Gregory: Ben like all kinds of cards especially Griffey, rookies, braves and vintage stuff. Every deal we do is over 500.00!!  The last one over 2,000.

Mike Sopher: Mike is a hockey card collector and a great person to deal with. I have bought and traded numerous times with Mike. He's great to deal with either way.  

Karen Brown: Karen collects Big Mac cards, one of each.  If you get the chance to deal with Karen, she is an absolute joy to swap with.

Pete Singer: Pete is interested in Old Cards as well as Minnesota Twins cards of all years. He especially likes Carew, Killebrew and the like.

Dennis Tate: Dennis is a fellow Mainer and one of the nicest guys you'll meet anywhere. He collects all New England Sports team stuff and he has Tons of everything (except hockey cards, he gave them all to me!!). Just make sure you tell him you love the Red Sox (even if you don't) and your all set!!  

Don White: Don is a great fan of anything Red Wings. He also loves hockey rookie cards especially old ones and his favorite guy is Yzerman. A great trader.

Robert Shirley: Robert is a super trader from the great State of Alabama. He is the ultimate Andrew Jones collector. Robert is about the easiest guy to trade with I can think of.

Matt Parker Matt is a fellow Maddux collector who lives in Nova Scotia. When I found out where he lived, I asked him if he had any hockey cards, he said what's a hockey card, I collect Maddux cards (lol). Matt is also a great trader so after you give me all the maddux cards I need, here's another outlet for the rest.  

Steve Stenberg Steve is a super trader who has varied interests old rookies and stars, new Mariner cards and a little of everything in the Middle. Soriano, Koufax, Pujols, Yaz, Carlton and Clemente are just a few of Steve's many interests. Prior and Jim Morris are two others. Quick, fast accurate and dependable as the commercial says, "it doesn't get any better than this". 

Christian Bakken Christian has diverse interests which include all the sports. While he collects certain players he generally has interest in Av's, Rockies and Broncos cards. Christian has the distinction of being the only person I've ever traded with that I got a GU Maddux and Messier card in the same trade!!

Michelle McDaniel  Michelle is a big time set builder and one of my favorite swapping partmers. Definately an A++ trading partner.

Bill McCaleb:  Bill is a big collector of Maddux, Carlton, Bird, Olajuwon and Yaz. He always has nice stuff and a great web page.

Rob Baselice: Rob has quite a few insert sets going that he needs help with. In addition he has interest in certain Phillies cards. Rob is one of my favorite traders he always goes the extra yard for you.

Christian Reid: A big time Jeter collector and one of my favorite traders. The c man will ring you up when he has something good.. And when he calls he always does.. 

Gary B. Benson:>   Gary collects Twins stuff, Jeter, Ford, Mauer, Bonds and a few others. Has the largest and most valuable Kris Benson collection in the world.  He is also the king of digging up stuff you need. He filled 40 of a 50 card insert set in 3 days.  Amazing guy. Kinda like James Garner in the Great Escape!!

Dave Keller: has a bottomless pit when it comes to insert cards.. Loves the vintage sets and is a consumate set builder. Great communicator and very fair.. 

Jason Palmira:  the Super Duper Giambi Collector..Collects both brothers and lots of other stuff as well. A super swapper, and very easy to deal with.. 

Russ Booth:  super trading partner.. Collect Yankees, Arod, Irod, Blalock, Teixiera and what ever catches his eye..  Done multiple deals and is only the second person I've ever gotten a Maddux and a Messier gu piece in the same swap from.

Lloyd Day:  Big time Ripken and Orioles collector. Inexhaustable supply of game used to swap.. He also likes Texiera an excellent trader..

Billy Judkins: Billy is currently collecting autos and certain insert cards. He has the distinction of having placed by trade more of the star cards on my wall then any other trader.. Mantles, hof autos, game used, Maddux, you name it we've swapped it and been doing it for years now.. A great trader.. 

Peter Myers: Pete's the Yankees, Yankeee collector..If it's a Yankee and he doesn't have it you have a deal.. Has lots of set needs as well.

Ron Brown: Ron collects Yankees for his son and Pirates for himself.. He also has diversified set needs.. Ron will tell you that it snowed more in Massachusetts than Maine this year. Don't believe him.. Another super trader

George Cole: George has numerous set needs and is always very flexible. He has a great story about his Brandy Chastain game used piece. Get to know him and he'll tell you.  

Mickey Bushong:  Mickey and I e-mail often, but have only made two trades. In the first one he gave me the best card I've ever swapped for a 57 Mantle which is on my wall over the desk as well as being my screen saver. In the second trade, well there were guys like Spahn, Berra and other real oldies. Mickey has been granted the only exception ever allowed to my 4 trade grand slam trader rule. He gets in after the double..He would have been in after the Single as the Mickey is the best card I own). He collects Vince Young, Huston Street, Homer Bailey, game used and irod, arod, pujols, biggio and the rocket.

Pat Thompson:  Pat collects Steelers and Pirates stuff and he also has an unbelivable collection of mid and high end autos. He's a very fair trader who is a quick mailer which is a good thing because I usually can't wait to get what he's sending. The last deal was for 4 hofer autos just to give you an idea.. Deal done on Thursday, cards are here on Saturday.  Doesn't get any better than that and it happens that way consistently. In addition, the cards are always in great condition.   

Bill Hanlon:  Bill collects all kinds of cards.   Very easy to deal with.

Bennie Jennings: The Pujols collector extrodianaire has great stuff easy to trade with.

Mark Talbot   Mark is a bit of an expert on the T-218 set, attempting to amass a master set of this 1909-11 issue.  Mark also collects Baseball cards from all major manufacturers Topps, Bowman and Fleer from 1948 to 1980. Mark particularly enjoys "oddball" issues - stamps, coins, stand ups, posters, giants, deckles, Post cereal, Hostess, Redman, etc. Mark has recently added other Pre-war issues, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Non-Sport and Post 1980 Baseball to his collection.  He has has tons of dupes to trade.  His want list can be reached at:













Many thanks to my grand slam traders, it's people like you that make trading so much fun..    

Bad traders

I've debated a long time about putting a Bad Trader list together.. So far I've been lucky for the most part however..

Here are a list of Bad Traders:

Travis Mills travismills  Interesting in that he made a successful trade before he stiffed me.. Of course the second trade was more valuable than the second one..... The ultimate story teller.

Mike Belous 1843 Nigel ct Vienna Virginia 22182  stiffed me good on some cards and never returned mine either. Banned from the Bench.

Tommie Collins 8133 Iris Circle....Fort Worth, TX....76137 stffed me good, the ultimate promiser...

Zachary Moore: psc 2 box 1616, apo, ap 96264 USA stiffed me on a 60.00 card. I won't trade with military guys any more its always a hassle...